Are Interracial Romance Novels Propaganda for the IR Romance “Movement?”

I got an email the other day asking if most women who write interracial books are interracially mating/dating. Now, obviously I don’t know everyone who writes interracial romance novels, but from what I’ve seen we run the the gamut. I know some who are with men of their own race, some are with men of another race, and some are happily single. When I asked the correspondent why she wanted to know she went on to say that she’d seen books encouraging black women to date interracially and wondered if the romance novels were a part of that “movement.” Well, if you’ve read this blog you know how I feel about the notion of calling who somebody chooses to pull cover with a “movement,” but I was intrigued when she said she was unaware of the existent of these books until a few months ago.

As you know I think that’s a MAJOR problem. So, here are a few questions for you, my beloved readers. Do you think interracial romances are propaganda? Do you think others might feel that way? If so, do you think that’s positive or negative for the genre? And when I speak of benefitting the genre I’m talking in term of sales. I want to make sure every black woman on this planet knows these books exist, but I am concerned that they might feel some of the same misgivings this particular emailer apparently felt. Could we be losing potential readers because they think these books are nothing but propaganda? What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Are Interracial Romance Novels Propaganda for the IR Romance “Movement?”

  1. No, I don’t think that interracial romances are propaganda. I think that love is love not matter what the race or gender is. I am not toh one to judge who a person falls in love with.I don’t think that this blog sheds a negative light on the genre. It lets women know that these books are out there, and I like that. I, for one, have never been in an interracial relationship, but I enjoy reading the romance novels that are out there. I never knew there were so many until I subscribed to this blog. I like that fact that I can receive books from here. I truely believe that others enjoy this blog also. I really don’t think that this will decrease sales. I have bought many books because of this blog. There will always be people that doesn’t like something no matter what it is. You can’t please everyone. These books or the blog does not encourage women to date interracial, you are going to date who you want to date no matter the race or gender. AS I STATED BEFORE, LOVE IS LOVE. I, for one, have benefited from this blog and would love to continue to see it. Please keep doing what you are doing and keep the novels coming.

    Greatful for the blog,

  2. Do you believe that there is a movement in the states of interracial dating? I spent time living in Latin AMerica…and I will have you know that the Spanish slave owner out there did a bang up job perpetuating the poison of self hate.. and the phrase (mejorar la raza) is one that i had to listen to when i asked a beautiful black natural sista why he was so much more appealing…In my area in Jersey I don’t see a lot of interracial relationships, when I go to DC WV different places I’m like My God…Its everywhere..(not that its a bad thing)_ but I mean its all about love and personality and not self hate

  3. Really I haven’t given that a thought these books were propaganda. I just enjoyed the reading. And to be honest what I’ve learned is that regardless of the color or culture, people are the same, wanting to love and be loved. What I do know that if you close yourself off from possibilities because of skin color, you lose. And I’m not just talking about romance I’m talking of joys/sorrows of life.
    I’ve read all of your books, and I believe not one of the main characters have stated that they would only date White, Asian, Latina, Black. The very first book of yours I read was Rock Star (thanks for the autograph) and facing the problems that she knew would have to overcome with her family not just because he’s white, but because he was also a rocker. I think your books are honest portrayal of inter-racial life.

  4. I have never thought of it as propaganda, just a genre. Honestly I just enjoy a good story. I do hate when people are referred to as “chocolate” or “vanilla” or “brown sugar”, but that’s me.

  5. Yeah that vanilla and brown sugar mess works my nerve too. It just sounds so hokey and dated, like an SNL sketch circa 1978. I expect the guy to be wearing a silk shirt with chesthair showing. Ewww

  6. Hmmm, I don’t know the mind of the original emailer, but my first question after reading this was: why is she/he assuming that interracial books, presumably the ones that feature black women and non-black men, are simultaneously published during this “movement?” Why is the person assuming that, just because they recently came into knowledge of said genre, that it didn’t predate the “movement” (and by “movement,” I can only assume the reference is to the online-driven BWIR/BWE/whatever-it’s-called-now-social-media phenomenon that has gained popularity in the last 5-6 years).

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s propaganda. I have no facts or figures, but I can reasonably assume the popularity of the genre increased due to the visibility of the movement. But as far as I know, there were authors writing before the “movement” picked up any steam. Romance and erotica have had audiences for presumably years, so I don’t really see how interracial stories are any different.

  7. Not a ‘movement’ per se, just raising awareness about what options are out there for BW. Also I think they sort of give BW ‘permission’ to be attracted to men of other races regardless of what the black community rules.
    I think there is a lot of guilt and baggage behind the whole IRR dating phenomena but oddly enough, mainly directed at or felt by BW. BM can and do date who they choose without a thought, why do we even need to discuss it as regards to BW?
    The only time I have heard of drama surrounding BM IRR is when BW are supposedly ranting and raving about ‘our men being taken away’ a la Jill Scott.
    I want to read a wide range of romantic erotica involving BW and men of other races and cultures. No I am not interested in, nor can I relate to any kind of romance, no matter how well written with a white female heroine. Again I cannot really engage in romances with BM either. So IRR works for me and if it is a movement, long may it continue LOL.

  8. Why do folks always worry that black folks have an agenda that they are trying to cram down everyone’s throat? And so what if there is an agenda? I’ll use this opportunity to promote my tumblr tribute to black women in romance. It started out as a way just to post and promote the interracial and multicultural romance novels that I love to read. But I’ve expanded to include tv, movies, fan fiction, comics that include not just romance, but a whole range of genres and topics. The main focus is that black women are the leads or the most interesting characters. The black woman is the princess who gets rescued or the princess that does the rescuing. And her partners are not only white men. When you look at the archive of my blog postings you will see a variety of men and some women to inspire happiness and love for black women. I don’t have a white men are better and rainbow babies are the tomorrow people of the world agenda. And I don’t think the majority of writers I read have that kind of mind set. Especially since most of the writers I read write both interracial romances and intraracial romances. The focus is on black women as the writer and the driver of the story which is lacking in so called mainstream romance. So when I hear that someone hasn’t realized how much romance is out there written by black women I just think it’s sad the lack of imagination and world view that doesn’t include the idea of reading a book about a couple that is of different races without thinking there is an agenda. The only agenda I have and the writers are follow have is the idea that black women are awesome and should be everywhere and doing everything. be warned there are images that are marked nsfw-not safe for work on this blog.

  9. Like Lili, I believe that it’s all about having ‘options.’ Personally, I don’t have a problem with BM dating WW and/or other women. I just want to receive the same treatment and respect when I date a man, whom is from a different racial/cultural background.

    But alas, it’ll probably take another generation or 2 before some folks learn to grow up and allow others the right to live their lives, as they choose to do so.

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