The Lion in Russia is an ARe Recommended Read!


Do you get ARe’s newsletter? If you don’t you definitely should. This week The Lion in Russia is a Recommended Read. It’s not up on their site yet, (or I can’t find it) so I’m quoting the review here. And yes, I’m squeeing like a newbie because y’all know these books are my first love.
ETA: They’ve got the link up now.

Pussycat Death Squad: The Lion in Russia by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb is an action-packed, interracial romance that is short, sweet and full of grit. The female lead character Vries St. John is a cross between a “Charlie’s Angel,” and a “Bond girl”. She is the epitome of beauty and brains with the ability to literally stop a man’s heart with just one touch. I loved the role reversal in that the big, hulking man is being protected by this waiflike supermodel agent. With all the action comes some comical scenes and one in particular when Vries and Leo are attacked while in the limo and Vries pulls Leo to the limo floor and uses her body to shield him from a barrage of bullets aimed for him. It reads as very comical but Leo was far from amused to say the least. It is at that point that Vries’ cover is blown and Leo blows his top. This is also an enjoyable read because while Vries and Leo are mature lovers, they exhibit an intensity and passion that is ageless.

Pussycat Death Squad: The Lion in Russia has an intricate but easy to follow plot. Vries St. John is a high fashion model, government operative and assassin. Her cases are usually straightforward; take out the bad guy. Her most current assignment is difference though because this time she has to protect someone. She is assigned to protect Russian magnate Leo Azhikelyamov, a man she has feelings for. Her mission is particularly sensitive because she has to protect him without his knowing. Leo successfully built an empire from questionable deals with the Russian Government and now wants to give back to the economy that made him wealthy. However, those in power don’t share his vision and instead have marked Leo for death. Vries knows this mission would be unique because she never guarded someone she cared about. Their long held feelings run unchecked as they spend time together and Vries soon succumbs to her feelings for Leo. When Vries is seriously hurt while guarding him, Leo takes on the role of protector. His integrity is important but not as important as the woman who has come to mean so much to him. He is willing to sacrifice his wealth but he won’t lose Vries now that she’s become the most important person in his life.

One thought on “The Lion in Russia is an ARe Recommended Read!

  1. Congrats on your latest release! I’m probably due for another romance novel.

    Sidenote: do you know I didn’t realize you were still blogging because everytime I came to the page I saw the “you are enough” post from last year? It wasn’t till I accidentally scrolled down the other day that I realized you were still at it!

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