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  1. Please add me to your mailing list so that I can receive information about upcoming books. I read and enjoyed “Rock Star” and have just purchased “Try A Little Tenderness”,I’ll let you know how I enjoyed it.

  2. Rock Star was my first interracial romance novel and i’m in love with it. I have been searching Borders at least twice a month for new one’s. I will try to get Tenderness but haven’t seen it locally. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello!
    I love your books! I found your blog and having been reading through some of the threads! Will there be a story for Thad of Storm Crow? I read the interview and would love to read/see the story develops. Plus, I want to hear more about Callie and Bryan; they were my absolute favorite people/characters!

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. This may be some weeks late (I finally ventured over to your website), but I have to say I love that you write books with meaningful, truthful stories with black women. (I’m still scrounging up money to get “Rock Star”!)

    AND YOU WENT TO AUBURN?!?! I’m a Architecture/Interior Architecture student here now!!! (YAY!) So wonderful seeing a black woman Auburn grad doing it up!

  5. Hi Roslyn,
    This is Debbie Edwards…I just stumbled across the fact that you are a published author…Kudos. I am going to order some of your books…I know that you are very witty….by the way, are you still in Huntsville? Do you ever come to Gadsden any more? How many children do you have? I would love to hear from you.

  6. Hey Debbie, I’m so excited to hear from you. No we’re not in Huntsville anymore. We’ve been in Atlanta for about six years. We have two boys, Luke who is 10 and Kell who is 3. I really don’t get to Gadsden all that much anymore, but we plan to be there more this spring.

  7. Hello, I enjoy your blog. I used to be able to “like” your blog entries, but I no longer see a “like” link at the bottom of your blog entry, just before the comments. I can still can click “like” within my email, but there’s no way of confirming on the page.
    Is this a glitch or a changed personal setting?

  8. Hi Roslyn,

    I have been wanting to reach out for the longest time! Rock Star is one of my favorite books and the book that inspired me to try writing my own stories (Lets not talk about that #newbie, #plaguedbyselfdoubt, #ihatehashtags!)

    I wanted to write and share a group that I am involved with, it is something I always imagine you would like. Mixed Remixed is an art and literary festival celebrating the mixed experience. Imagine a huge group of people coming together to celebrate all things mixed! Here is the website http://www.mixedremixed.org.

    I am so glad that you are out there writing books that have characters that look like my family!

    Thank you
    Wendy Schwartz

  9. Hi, Roslyn! i’m Boubacar, i’m so delighted i got a way to address you. Just came across your Milk & Honey, and let me say i’m already amongst your fans; it’s so an awesome book as i hope all your publications will be.

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