Book List

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb’s Book List

Also by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb


Rockers of Storm Crow

Rock Star (Rockers of Storm Crow #1)

Morning Star (Rockers of Storm Crow #2)

Dark Star (Rockers of Storm Crow #3)

Superstar (Rockers of Storm Crow #4)


Pussycat Death Squad

Pussycat Death Squad (Pussycat Death Squad #1)

The Lion in Russia (Pussycat Death Squad #2)

Pussycat in Peril (Pussycat Death Squad #3)


Luscious Love

Buttercream (Luscious Love #1)

Milk & Honey (Luscious Love #2)

Raspberry Sorbet (Luscious Love #3) (coming soon)


Eshu Chronicles with Lisa G. Riley

Given (Eshu Chronicles #1)

Stolen (Eshu Chronicles #2)


Of Wars with Lisa G. Riley

Rumors of Wars

Acts of Wars


Christmas at the Meadowlark with Lisa G. Riley

Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas

Oh, What a Christmas

A Lot Like Christmas

All I Want for Christmas (coming soon)

Please Come Home for Christmas (coming soon)

Innocent Hearts (coming soon)

Love Me Some Him

Mr. & Mrs. Valentine

Crazy About the Girl



Try a Little Tenderness

Let’s Do it Again

Santa Baby

Gabriel’s Redemption

Hot for Teacher

Dealer’s Choice


9 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Are the books only ereader editions? I am not fan. I like actual books. I was all set to spend money on the 2nd book in the Storm Crow series since I just finished Rock Star and none of the libraries in the state have a copy. What is a girl to do to get a hard copy????

  2. Hi,

    Any idea when the next book (if there is a next book) in the rock star series will be out and who it will be focused on?

  3. Early next year I hope to have Love Me Some Him, which will be Roshonda and Deringer’s story and then the final book in the series, Storm Crow which will be another Bryan and Callie story.

  4. Thank you so much for asking. I’m working on it now, with any luck it’ll be late summer early fall. I absolutely love what’s happening with this couple and hope you will too. Thank you.

  5. I love your stories. Was hoping to find a legit place that I can purchase e-book 1.5 of the Rockers of Storm Crow series. I love that I’ve gotten a glimpse of Bryan and Callie in the other books and, yes, I have the rest.

    Thank you!

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