Are Interracial Romance Novels Propaganda for the IR Romance “Movement?”

I got an email the other day asking if most women who write interracial books are interracially mating/dating. Now, obviously I don’t know everyone who writes interracial romance novels, but from what I’ve seen we run the the gamut. I know some who are with men of their own race, some are with men of another race, and some are happily single. When I asked the correspondent why she wanted to know she went on to say that she’d seen books encouraging black women to date interracially and wondered if the romance novels were a part of that “movement.” Well, if you’ve read this blog you know how I feel about the notion of calling who somebody chooses to pull cover with a “movement,” but I was intrigued when she said she was unaware of the existent of these books until a few months ago.

As you know I think that’s a MAJOR problem. So, here are a few questions for you, my beloved readers. Do you think interracial romances are propaganda? Do you think others might feel that way? If so, do you think that’s positive or negative for the genre? And when I speak of benefitting the genre I’m talking in term of sales. I want to make sure every black woman on this planet knows these books exist, but I am concerned that they might feel some of the same misgivings this particular emailer apparently felt. Could we be losing potential readers because they think these books are nothing but propaganda? What do you think?