Defining “Asian” for Romance Hero Purposes

I’ve had lots of requests for an Asian hero and I’ve been kicking some ideas around mainly because of my unrequited lust for Troy Polamalu. When I mentioned this to my friend Lisa (who, btw has a smoking hot story featuring an Indian man After the Morning After) she laughed and said Samoans and Indians aren’t Asian. Of course, even though I’m geographically challenged I know that they are, but I do see her point. I suspect that for many people “Asian” is limited to Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

So, how about it ladies? For the purpose of romance heroes what exactly is “Asian”? (And be careful here because if I can’t write a Troy story to resolve my “issues” I might have to actually have to start stalking him again, and that restraining order doesn’t expire until Valentine’s Day. And the judge might sic that perv Ben Roethslisberger on me again. Ew!)

6 thoughts on “Defining “Asian” for Romance Hero Purposes

  1. Well, hmm that’s interesting. If you said Asian in a book in my mind I’d picture, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean although I know Indian is Asian on auto thinking it wouldn’t occur to me. But, do you want to make him really distinct and not just general Asian more distinct like Chinese, Vietnamese , Filipino. If you described someone like Troy or the Rock, I’d think Pacific Islander, living in a spot with so many Pacific Islanders and that’s how they categorize themselves then they break off in groups Samoan or Tongan. So it’s not easy. I’d want to be as specific as possible that way I don’t have to wonder or guess.

  2. You are hilariously funny!!
    I am not big on a Asian hero because I have worked with and for several. They have a tendency to think that black people are beneath them, and have no problems telling you that to your face. I don’t know if I can get into a romantic mode with a Asian man as the lead. But that just my opinion. And I guess in the real realm of things that does not mean much.LoL

  3. I’ve heard that before Carolyn. It’s not something I’ve dealt with personally as I’ve never lived anywhere with a large Asian population until I moved to Atlanta, and I work from home so I still don’t encounter many.

  4. See Eugenia, that’s exactly what Lisa said and what I agree with. I’ve never lived around a lot of Pacific Islanders, though I did date a couple of Filipinos in college so I think my attraction scale leans in that direction. Though I must say having spent a Christmas up at Whistler I saw some incredibly hot Korean, Japanese and Korean men. Of course, I was extremely married by then, so no playtime for me. Oh well, we’ll just have to see.

  5. I think this depends where you live. In the UK, a lot of people automatically think India, Pakistan and Bangladesh when ‘Asian’ is mentioned. IMHO, for the purpose of romance heroes, Asian includes all countries starting from Central Asia eastwards then dips to include Pacific Islanders. To some, Asian heroes are also indigenous American or Arab. In some parts of West Africa, East Asians are ‘white’.

    I personally enjoy reading romances with Asian male leads! And while I’ve met a few racist Asians, I’ve met more Asians (from Bangladesh to Japan to Tonga) I can call my true friends.

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