Asian Heroes



Milk & Honey is my second book with an Asian hero. Jacinto Blakemore, despite the Spanish first name is actually Vietnamese. And the hero of Hot for Teacher, the so-named hot teacher, Michael Fuautea is Samoan. I’ve had lots of requests for Asian heroes over the years and I like writing them. I have a story in the back of my mind at the moment about a Korean ultimate fighter. What do y’all think of them? Yay? Nay? No way? Let me know what you think.


Defining “Asian” for Romance Hero Purposes

I’ve had lots of requests for an Asian hero and I’ve been kicking some ideas around mainly because of my unrequited lust for Troy Polamalu. When I mentioned this to my friend Lisa (who, btw has a smoking hot story featuring an Indian man After the Morning After) she laughed and said Samoans and Indians aren’t Asian. Of course, even though I’m geographically challenged I know that they are, but I do see her point. I suspect that for many people “Asian” is limited to Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

So, how about it ladies? For the purpose of romance heroes what exactly is “Asian”? (And be careful here because if I can’t write a Troy story to resolve my “issues” I might have to actually have to start stalking him again, and that restraining order doesn’t expire until Valentine’s Day. And the judge might sic that perv Ben Roethslisberger on me again. Ew!)