I Didn’t Renege, I Swear

I know I promised you guys first look at the scene I wrote the other night. But when it was editing it, it became readily apparent that I could not put it up on my blog. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it violates the WordPress terms of service. Even worse, I think it would attract all manner of really gross spam to my blog. So, I decided to post this more PG-13 scene instead. It’s still hot, I promise. Anyway, here’s the scene and if I can figure out a way to post the other one, I will. BTW, I’m seriously developing some kind of fixation on Hrithik Roshan. That’s kind of scary considering I have no idea how to pronounce his name, but that old boy is hot to death.

A short time later, her task completed she exited the Ready Room. As she walked down the now empty hallway a door suddenly came open and she found herself pulled into what appeared to be a broom closet.

            She automatically struck out to defend herself, only pulling her punch when she recognized Patrick’s distinctive smoky scent. Fortunately, he blocked the blow a split-second before it landed on his head. He grabbed both her hands to prevent her from striking out again.

            “Sorry for the caveman tactics, but I’d prefer not to land on my ass again if I can help it.”

            They stood staring at one another for a breathless moment, their hands clasped together.

            “I’m going to kiss you. With tongue. I’m going to lick the inside of your mouth like an ice cream. Then I’m going to suck your tongue. I’ve been dying to suck your tongue. Do you have a problem with that?” The sensuality of his words was belied by the deep angry cadence with which he spoke them.

            Lelia started back at him, so aroused by what he’d said she was unable to form words, even if she had any objections.

            She caught her breath as he lowered his mouth to hers and did just what he’d told her he would. The feel of his tongue stroking the confines of her mouth set off an explosion of need in her body. She shivered, pulling him closer as she returned the kiss with interest.

            He groaned against her mouth as his hands slipped down to grip her bottom, lifting her against him and grinding her clit against his heavy erection. The kiss went on for what seemed like forever until finally they had to break for air.

            “Woman, you’re driving me out of my mind.”

            Lelia shook her head in denial. “I haven’t done anything.”

            “That’s the problem. Look, I know you said we can’t have a relationship or anything, but why can’t we just hang out? Get to know one another. You’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and I bet you haven’t had any fun. I know some of your Guard have gone into town, but I’ll bet anything you haven’t.”

            Lelia shook her head. “I’ve been very busy. I have a lot of responsibility…”

            “So do I,” he interrupted. “But that’s no excuse for not going out sometime. Go out with me, I promise you a good time. And I even promise to keep my hands to myself.”

            Lelia pointedly glanced down to where their bodies were barely paper-width apart.

            Patrick gave her a self-deprecating smile. “Hey, I’m a Marine, I can be trusted to keep my hands to myself.”

            I believe you can keep your hands to yourself, Patrick. The problem is, can I? Lelia asked silently, even as she found herself agreeing to go out with him the following day.

            “What should I wear,” she asked.

            Patrick grinned back, satisfied with his success. “Plan on an adventure,” he replied cryptically.

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