I Want This Table


Kanson Table Collection

I’ve been looking for a coffee table forever. We had to get rid of our previous one because it had a glass top. Believe it or not, all glass top tables are not made with tempered glass. (Yeah, amazing, isn’t it?) Giving our only offspring’s proclivity for running, jumping and flailing his body about in a manner befitting only to Hollywood stunt men we thought it prudent to get another table. Only, we haven’t. I fell in love with a similar table in Pottery Barn. It only appeared in one catalog and was never seen again. (Toldja I was the kiss of death. If I like something, whether it’s makeup, deodorant or even a flavor of sorbet, it’s doomed!) I just found this table and it’s very similar to the one in Pottery Barn, only cheaper. I love the four ottomans. Luke can sit on them and play with his cars and dinosaurs and we can move them over to the fireplace to sit over there when we like. 

It’s on sale at Macy’s for $799. Of course we won’t be buying it anytime soon, but a girl can dream.

2 thoughts on “I Want This Table

  1. My friend has this table and ottomans and it’s very useful for entertaining. Me likey too.

  2. They’ve got a fabulous leather sectional I’d love to have as well. We could all cuddle up and watch games together and of course I don’t have to worry about cat hair on leather. But leather is cold, so I can’t make up my mind.

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