Look What Came Today!


No, not the little round-headed boy, I’ve had him a while. Yeah, he insists on being in every picture. Gee, I wonder how he got that way? My books came today. I would’ve had them a couple weeks ago if I’d bothered to tell Loose-Id that I’d moved. Yeah, I know. 

Of course, Try A Little Tenderness has been out for a couple of months now. Much as I love e-books, there’s just something about seeing it in print that gets to me. This is the second book I’ve written, and the first was such a fluke that there were times I really wondered if I could write a second book. After all, there are tons of really fabulous authors who are famous for only haven written one book. Now that I’m knee-deep in Pussycat Death Squad I’m more or less over the sophomore jitters. I’m so neurotic that I’m sure I’ll find something new to freak out over any day now.

5 thoughts on “Look What Came Today!

  1. I’d be tempted to steal cute little Luke if I didn’t know how bad cute little boys can be.

    *Goes upstairs to check on a couple of cute, suspiciously quiet little boys…*

    Oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS on the book! When are you going to upload photos of quilts? Or have you already?

  2. Congrats Rosyln. You know,I am going to go by borders and look for your book tomorrow, if it isn’t there, I’ll order it from them…sure, my wife may confiscate it for being to racey for me…

  3. DJ, I’ll just use my Sharpie to cross out the racy parts. Sanitized for your protection. You do know that women who read romances have a more active romantic life, dontcha?

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