Nebraska Parents Rush to Leave Kids Before Law Changes

I really thought no governmental body on earth would ever exceed the Alabama legislature in stupidity and sheer buffoonery. Apparently the folks in Alabama are mere amateurs compared to the professionals in Nebraska. Why in the name of fat-free cheese would they call themselves writing a safe-haven law for babies without consulting child welfare professionals?

Did it really not occur to them that folk would be dropping off teenagers with a quickness? Anyone who has worked in child welfare for any length of time knows that everybody and their brother wants to get rid of teenagers. I hope somebody votes these asshats out of office. 

via Neb. parents rush to leave kids before law changes – Yahoo! News

3 thoughts on “Nebraska Parents Rush to Leave Kids Before Law Changes

  1. This is child abandonment pure and simple. These people should be prosecuted. My mother and I had our drama my teenage years but she would have never kicked me out the house or abandoned me.

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