Will ‘First Granny’ Marian Robinson Move Into The White House?

This story made me tear up a bit. I think it would be wonderful to have Mrs. Robinson in the White House. The girls have had a close relationship with her during this interminable campaign. Logistically that would be almost impossible to maintain were she to remain in Chicago. 

And, I guess in a way I am having my own vicarious thrill at the notion of these little girls being in the same household with their last living grandmother. I wish with all my heart that I could give that to Luke. Or for that matter to me. My mama is gone as are all my grandmothers. All before he was even born. When I look at this picture of Mrs. Robinson I just ache with that special loneliness I suspect that only those who have lost our mothers feel. I think this family should enjoy the time with her to the fullest, and hope they choose to do this. 

via Will ‘First Granny’ Marian Robinson Move Into The White House? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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