Heat Ratings

Some of you have commented that Dark Star is not as steamy as some of my more recent offerings. And that is true. Heat ratings are a funny thing, and I really struggle with them. I write the story as it comes to me, and some come in sexier than others. The heat level of Dark Star is probably comparable to that of Rock Star, but I didn’t do that deliberately. I enjoy sweet and spicy books, and like writing both. After all, Morning Star, another Rock Star sequel is very spicy. Super Star, the last of the the “Star” books I have planned is probably going to be hotter as well, but I haven’t started writing it yet, so you never know.

5 thoughts on “Heat Ratings

  1. ..but what is HEAT?. I personally prefer the build up. I just can’t abide “animalistic” or “fast” sex just after meeting if it’s a contemporary romance, but if it’s erotica, let it rip, baby!. I’m enjoying Dark Star so far, am home sick with the flu, so haven’t finished yet. I did enjoy especially the scenes with Callie and Bryan, one of my all time favourite I/R couples. I read romances for that which I’ve been missing, that which will make me dream. For me that’s the getting to know phase, that encompasses all the drama (not too overdrawn mind!) that entails. The physical part is the added bonus, but NOT why I read. A good, intriguing, captivating romance gets me off even more…..

    My question is: Baring in mind that you, Mrs Roz and I are about the same generation, why do you write/or how could you write romances for such a young age group?. I also bought Lisa G Riley’s Dashing Through The Snow, and the characters are also late 20s/early 30s. My other question is: What about us older(single) ladies?. Some of us are divorced (or perhaps never even married) and living hopeful lives too, ya know!!!. Would be grateful for romances geared towards my group (preferrably with younger men, but I’ll take whatever you authors give us!!!)

  2. You’re right foosrock, and it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to. I loved writing Let’s Do It Again because the couple was older. I’ve been percolating on doing another. Watch this space, you know I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Mrs Roz: I SOOOOOOOO ENJOYED THAT BOOK!. In fact, I’m living proof of that premise!. My exhusband and I have been dating since last year after 11yrs of divorce and one child, a stable 9yr relationship on his part and me just dating his clones, but never able to commit. Heavenly times now. I feel like a teenager all over again, but am taking my time too…..

    I’ll still be reading romances, but exactly such premises in Let’s Do It Again, with mature I/R couples would be more of my interest…..Just think, it’s like therapy for us readers!!!!!.

  4. ……….Oooooooooo and I love how you entertwined Dr. Koss into this book!. Sorry, I know(and love) my age, but I’m such a fan girl. You have no clue. I could stalk you!!!!!.

  5. That’s an amazing story, foosrock! As for Koss, can you believe I’d forgotten I did that? I pondered for hours as to what you could be talking about before I recalled it. I love doing that, but you’re the first to mention it.

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