Baby Birthing Mix Tape

Whit is particularly good at making mix tapes and he tends to make them for events. Usually for road trips, but he’s also done mixes for things like birthdays and holidays. I’m thinking of some of the songs I’d like to have for delivering this baby. Some are for Kell, and some are for me. What are some songs you think would be good for baby birthing?

Woman I’m Amazed – McCartney

Shower the People – Taylor (Can’t have a mix tape without Sweet Baby James)

With Arms Wide Open – Creed (Love this song, hate Creed. I think Darrius Rucker could seriously blow this song up. If anybody knows him, hook a mama up.)

Blessed – John

I Never Loved a Man – Franklin (This is hand’s down my fave Aretha Franklin song. I’ve even got a story based on it. Aretha, take care of yourself. I’ll be too pissed if you die before I can get the story written.)

Now y’all join in. If you were delivering a baby, what songs would you want him to hear during his first moments of life? What would you want to hear during this amazing event?


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