Okay, I Had to Share This!

My apologies in advance. I tried to take the high road, I really did, but this is too ridiculous not to share. I’m blaming it on the pregnancy hormones. Believe it or not, this e-mail resulted from my not unreasonable comment that a black women’s magazine should not be full of articles about black men.

I saw your comments complaining about Black men on “Clutchmagazine’s” site.  But when I was led to your website, it all made sense to me when I saw your book — a Black woman hugging a White man.

Some believe love is blind, but to actually write a book with a Black woman hugging a White man on it is a mindset I hope you arrived at responsibly.

In other words, whether you like it or not, White men, in general, are the most racist people on the planet because of our culture of racism.  So when a Black woman in 2010 dates, marries, or otherwise, a White man, you have to wonder if she’s engaged in a long process with him about racism?

I doubt it.  When White men have the hardest time with race in our society, it makes you wonder what’s going on in the mind of a Black woman who would embrace someone who historically simply doesn’t “get it” when it comes to race because they benefit from racism but still don’t like to talk about it, don’t have to deal with it much, and still whine.  There are very few White men who will love not only you, but also your Black father, brothers, and uncles.  Thus, his love for you is probably superficial.

It’s no different that wondering why a Black woman would jump into a relationship with a brother who just got out of jail — why hasn’t she done her homework?

I mean, really, how silly is it that a Black woman would write a book about loving her oppressor?  So, yes, it’s not hard to figure out why you’re on “Clutchmagazines” back — you have serious issues with Black men.  Funny thing is, however, all the Black women that do, usually have a history of bad choices regarding the Black men they’ve dated.  And now they’re mad.

I hope your son doesn’t grow up hating himself because you hate Black men, obviously.

13 thoughts on “Okay, I Had to Share This!

  1. Wow. I can’t believe this type of reasoning exists. I didn’t read what you wrote so I can’t comment on it. I have read some of your comments from time to time on various subjects. Sometimes you are light and sometimes you are strong with your opinion. To each his own. We are all afforded the right to voice our opinions. Everyone is not going to agree. So what? The thing about the person “attacking” you, is they are guilty of oppressing you, IMO. you are supposed to be living your life the way he or she deems correct versus the way you are living. That’s just plain dumb. After laughing about this, let it go. You are doing something way too important now! That’s making sure your baby is born healthy! Take care!

  2. Roslyn don’t let anyone raise your pressure you hear me???

    I am going over to this clutch hatever and see what is going on……

    bloody hell..some of those comments made my eye twitch……

  3. Wow… Some people are truly ignorant. I’ve gotten to the point where I feel it’s not even worth the stress that I would endure trying to “enlighten” them. Let a fool be a fool. And I hope her child(ren) or futher child(ren) don’t grow up being as stupid as she is.

  4. “but to actually write a book with a Black woman hugging a White man on it is a mindset I hope you arrived at responsibly.”
    I’m sorry buy that statement gave me the giggles. I hope you did all the necessary research and examined the implications of putting a black woman hugging a white man on the cover of your book. LOL

  5. After I was finally able to close my mouth after reading this tirade, I had to laugh at this person’s mindset. Hugging a white man….for shame! *laughing hysterically*. I think I need to let my husband read that one!:D

  6. Wow, all that mumbo jumbo about a picture of bw hugging a wm on a book, what the hey? LOL. People got issues, that’s all I can say on this.

  7. Oh Geeeez. LOL.

    And if white men are the “most racist people on the planet”, then what does that say about his mother and his sisters? So how come these same people don’t wonder what goes on in the heads and in the private lives of black men who date white women… the same women who are obviously related to these men? 🙂 The lopsided mission to keep black women angry and distant from the “ebol white man” never amazes me.

    Just the other day I stumbled on a youtube vid by an angry black guy who is angry because according to him,”white men are making black women turn against black men”, and he’s angry at black women for allowing it LOL. Okee dokee. He’s also angry over black women perming their hair and buying their black daughters white dolls (he even made a white doll look like chucky – you can’t make this stuff up). As if he’s so concerned about the esteem and betterment of little black girls. It’s just a tactic and a bone he throws to keep his mammie’s listening.

    In this day and age, I don’t see anything wrong with buying a black girl all the color dolls in the rainbow if she wants them. So I pretty much asked him if he gets equally upset with the black males who make it known it’s their choice and preference to choose white dolls… I mean white women over black women. I also let him know the reason I think most of the black women who “perm/relax” their hair, do so because they want to attract a black man and KNOW most black males prefer THAT. Of course I was blocked and received a nasty comment on my page about being a sell-out for subscribing to Whites and Asians. LOL. Too many angry one-sided people in this world. Sigh.

    Happy New Years, Roslyn!

  8. Hello Roslyn.

    I enjoy your books and you are a good writer. I wish you and your family a good year.

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