Glucose Tolerance Test

As y’all know, this is what I’ve been worried about. Undiagnosed gestational diabetes caused my last baby to be stillborn so I was scared to death. My Neo had me take the GTT at 20 weeks instead of the standard 28 weeks. And get this, I passed with flying colors! The cut-off is 130 and I got a 91! Thanks be to God (and oatmeal, boiled eggs and Greek yogurt). I’m so excited and happy. Not to mention I was threatened that if I didn’t pass this one I’d have to take the three-hour fasting test with a much sweeter drink. Considering that I was nauseated for an entire day after drinking the last one, I’m so grateful I don’t have to take another one. I’m guessing that I’ll have to have another one hour test at 28 weeks, so I’m not out of the woods. But believe me, I’m being very careful.

Bedrest sucks the big one. There’s nothing like lying down to show you all the things that need doing in your house. I did make Tuscan potato soup yesterday. It’s a family fave and easy-peasy. Did a little laundry and vacuumed the rug in Luke’s room. (Trust me, there was wild life in that darned thing, and about a million toy soldiers to boot!) The guest bedroom is ready for my MIL’s visit except that I didn’t get to paint it, and it’s missing the rug I found at Target and planned to buy this week. Whit’s working like crazy, so I can’t ask him to do it, so it’ll have to go undone for now. It’s got to be painted before the baby gets here though, since it will also be the nursery.

This pregnancy is gradually becoming real to me. I’m still terrified, but it seems this boy wants to come into the world, and God knows he’s already faced down some really crazy odds to do so. Thanks be to God.

One thought on “Glucose Tolerance Test

  1. We are pulling for little Han (solo).

    When I had my first I used an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper. I was mildly paranoid and liked having the baby right there, but not actually in the bed.

    Don’t worry if the nursery doesn’t get painted before the baby comes. All he cares about is getting out and joining in the Holcomb fun!

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