Mama Can’t Compete With Air Hockey

Yesterday was my first day working out at the Y. They have a babysitter there and I told Luke I was going to drop him off and then go work out. All morning he was hanging all over me whining that he didn’t want to go. That he’d miss me. Why couldn’t he work out with me? Damned near drove me crazy. So we get to the Y and he’s literally hanging off me still whining until he saw it. OHMIGOD they had an air hockey table. Honestly that boy moved so fast I’m surprised I didn’t have windburn. Didn’t even look up when I said bye. Now all I’ve heard since 6:30 is when will I be working out. Apparently hey have foose ball too. *le sigh*

One thought on “Mama Can’t Compete With Air Hockey

  1. The great thing about that is his enthusiasm for being there will help keep you motivated. Gotta love a kid’s outlook on things.

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