Canker Sore Relief

Up until a few months ago I had never had a canker sore in my life. I had no idea that the blasted things hurt so badly. I couldn’t even go to sleep, but I found this fabulous website:

And honest to goodness, once I tried those remedies the pain was gone that night and the next day the canker sore was gone. Granted, I probably went overboard, but this is what I did. First: baking soda and salt rinse. I’d actually been doing this already, but I did it again. Next: peroxide rinse. Finally: even though it hurt a little less, my mouth was still killing me, so yes, I mixed liquid benadryl and milk of magnesia and used it as a mouth rinse. OMG

The pain went away instantly and I was finally able to go to bed. Does anyone have any idea why this would work, and for that matter who was the genius (or desperate soul) who discovered it?

2 thoughts on “Canker Sore Relief

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of that last treatment but, since it works so well, it is getting added to my first aid bag o’ tricks.

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