More Kitchen Ideas

After a great deal of sturm und drang I finally let the charcoal cabinets go. So now we’re back to our original idea. Cream with chocolate glaze. I’m thinking it’ll look somewhat like this:

Oddly enough for a kitchen that’s 8′ x 25′ we don’t have all that many cabinets. I want to put some stock cabinets on the wall now where we have the armoire since this kitchen doesn’t have a pantry. So we’ll get these and paint them to match the rest. They’re solid oak and only cost $200 a piece.

Also found a really cool fabric that I actually like better than my original bird fabric:

Going with a pale buttery yellow on the walls, but I won’t be able to start on that wallpaper until this fall. I refuse to deal with stripping wallpaper with a steamer when humidity is 90% outside.

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