Birthday Party

So we had Luke’s birthday party last Sunday. After stressing like crazy over it I wound up getting a cake from Publix, some goldfish as snacks and lots of water and Capri Sun. I found some Iron Man party favors. I’m so glad I didn’t go all out as I’d planned. I wanted to make sliders and bake cupcakes and cookies, but ran out of time.  Which is a good thing because you know what the hit of the day was? Water pistols! Whit picked them up at the dollar store or something and those kids ran around playing with those things for two solid hours. They didn’t want to leave even though it was 90+ degrees outside. I swear next year we’re going to have a shindig in the backyard with some water balloons  and water pistols and call it a day.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. Sounds as if everything turned out great. Don’t you just love it when things come together much better than you could ever have imagined? 🙂

  2. It’s the simple things! Don’t do fancy until they ask and even then within reason!

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