Still Decorating


Yes, I know I should be writing, but I’m waiting for edits and I’m distracting myself at the moment. I need a couple of ottomans for my den. I plan to set them in front of my fireplace as alternative seating. Saw these in Ikea forever ago and thought they were hella cool. However, I didn’t check the price. Hey, it’s Ikea, how pricey can it be? Well hello, the darned things are $279…A PIECE!!! I have to be the only person on the planet who can go to IKEA and find overpriced stuff. I adore the funky shape and the palomino print. (Hey, it’s a Little Joe Cartwright thing, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.) They do have the plain footstools for $129, but I’m thinking that once I buy the fabric and make the cover, I’ll probably still be in the $500 range. Champagne tastes…

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