Cutting My Hair

My hair is out of control. No, seriously it’s starting to remind me of the Sleestacks. I’ve always loved locks and couldn’t wait to lock mine, and I loved them fiercely until recently. Now they’re too dadgummed long. I have to tie them up when I go to bed, otherwise they get caught under me, or worse under Whit. (For such a skinny dude it’s surprisingly hard to roll him off your trapped hair.)

I can’t decide if I just want to go back to a twa or cut them shorter, say maybe shoulder length. I do miss having loose hair, so the twa is appealing, but I’m so fat these days a twa would probably emphasize the roundness of my face. I suppose I could just cut them, and see how I like it.

3 thoughts on “Cutting My Hair

  1. I’m starting to have the same thoughts about my afro. It is nice having styling options and hair that frames my face but the work required to maintain it is making me long for my 3 inch fro that I could wash and go.

  2. My hair is relaed and short. But my cousin whose hair was is loc’d and was as long as your just recently cut hers all off and has taken to wearing wigs. It’s a thought. Ah hair, the bain of existence.

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