Oprah Winfrey Epic Fail

I’ve got a major bone to pick with you and its name is Steve Harvey. I want to know why it is that you decided to make a man, and an effing comedian at that an expert on black women. I find it fascinating that when you and others in the media decide to discuss white women’s issues you bring in experts; counselors, therapists, you know people who actually have some type of training in the subject at hand. And what do black women get? A fucking comedian, and a lame ass one at that. Could you please explain to me what’s so funny about black women’s pain? Further, when you discuss white women’s issues you have experts on the panel who are, you know, actual white women. You would never ever think of having a man on for such a topic. You know white women would rip your ass from the rooter to the tooter. But for black women any jackass will do.

And if Steve Harvey wasn’t bad enough you follow up with the likes of Chris Rock. Well your own ass got bitten in that one. How does it feel to be called a slave on national television? See, you knew Rock was a snake, but you thought he was your snake, right? Doesn’t work that way. A man filled with that level and bitterness and rage at black women is going to bite all of us whenever he’s given an opportunity.

So now we’ve got this mofo all over the place. Goodness knows as goes Oprah so goes the nation. We’ve got every swinging Richard on the planet doing a story on black women and how no one wants to marry us. Thanks a lot Oprah. Epic fail Ms. Winfrey. Epic fail.

9 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey Epic Fail

  1. I am sick and tired of black women being crapped on–and by black men–as though the so-called ills of black society are OUR fault. That, you know, if WE women got it together, black men wouldn’t act the way they do. It is insulting and it is misogynistic–yet black women will not or cannot call black men on the floor for this sort of behavior because we’ve always been told to “defend the race.”

  2. The pic doesn’t show, but thank you for that post – the disgusting truth. None of these people should be speaking about black women, and honestly, I haven’t seen ANY one speak truthfully about the subject of “black women” – possibly, no one should make it a subject at all. (?) I was embarrassed with the film “Good Hair” and refused to go see it, and I will not support any Chris Rock project period, as his new film is about the death of a family patriarch who was on the “DL”…that is worse than disgusting. At least Steve Harvey is not bitter, just playing a role, and does (believe) he’s helping women.

  3. Great post! I cancelled my Essence subcription after seeing Steve Harvey on the cover. Married three times? Allegations of domestic abuse? I agree EPIC FAIL. Chris Rock’s sexism and hatred of black women is well documented like his comment that Michelle Obama or any black woman doesn’t know how to be a supportive partner or be First Lady. Also O’s support of Tyler Perry. Don’t even get me started.

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