One thought on “Eve Vaughn’s Candy Girl from Loose Id

  1. Mrs Roz
    I bought this and honestly, it again proved to me that Eve Vaughn, since A Night To Remember, has ran out of steam where erotica is concerned. This book fell into the category of: “Disappointed again, but will continue to buy your work, as sometimes you write some magical stuff” for me. Although it started out with a really promising premise, it fell into sex scenes that seemed strained in wanting so badly to spell out erotica, that they came across more as a mite “vulgar”. Worst of all though, was the descent into the stereotypical. This sadden me the most.
    I’m truly not good at reviews, but I know what I like and find that so many of my favourite authors who drew me in at the very beginning of my discovery of erotic romances (more I/R), are quite frankly turning me off the genre. Only two authors keep me coming back for more I/R erotica thus far and they’re Kimberly Kaye Terry and Tracy Ames……Am saddened that the seasoned ones are leaving me disappointed, still they’ll have my support. So thank you Roz for giving me the opportunity to “voice” my opinion(s) here without feeling intimidated by fans (like I’m not!!!)for stating it/them. Am afraid this is not the case on some boards/blogs…….

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