Give Zahara Free: My Post on the Newsweek Blog

After the major imbroglio regarding Allison Samuels mean-spirited commentary on Zahara Jolie Pitt’s hair I was surprised when Newsweek asked me and two other bloggers; Nichelle Gainer and Tami Harris to respond.

Roslyn Holcomb: Hair Don’ts Hold Us Back

Nichelle Gainer: It’s Time to Fully Embrace Natural Hair

Tami Harris: Natural Hair is Not Unhealthy

I think all the articles are great and I’m proud of my sister bloggers for standing up for this child. 


7 thoughts on “Give Zahara Free: My Post on the Newsweek Blog

  1. Great articles from all three of you ladies. I know it isn’t nearly the same but, as a white women with hair curly enough to have received bird’s nest comments all my life, I was so sad to see the initial comments about Zahara’a hair. I am so glad y’all spoke up.

  2. Great article, Mrs Roz. I suspect too, like one poster commented, this has more to do with Angelina Jolie’s race than anything else. I’m proud of Mrs Jolie for the good she’s trying to do and hope she stays her course on being a strong, independent thinker (at least that’s how she comes across to me). So thank you again Mrs Roz, because Mrs Jolie might be reading these articles of encouragement.

  3. I said this on another board; I think it’s a form of bullying. Black women picking on white mothers of black children because they think they can get away with it. I think it’s sad and pathetic.

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