As Promised: Buttercream *Unedited and so NOT PG*

Keep in mind you guys this is seriously unedited. I’ll probably rewrite it no less than three times. My intent is to capture a sense of fun as well as sensuality. What do y’all think? Did I hit my mark?

“What’s up with you?” Poppy asked, looking over at Matthew where he sat beside her on the sofa. “You’ve had that smug smile on your face all afternoon. Cut it out, you’re making me nervous.” They’d made the deadline and delivered the cookies on time then picked up take-out Chinese for dinner. Now they were back at her place relaxing while watching a movie. She looked around her rather Spartan apartment, because of her crazy work schedule she’d never gotten around to any serious decorating. Which is one of the reasons they typically hung out at Matt’s place. It had never been a big deal before. Her family had always been somewhat transient, so decorating had never been a high priority. Still, it was kind of embarrassing to date a man whose house looked better than hers. She decided to rectify that situation as soon as possible. Maybe he could even give her some pointers.

            “You know Poppy, I learned a lot about cookie decorating today.”

            “Oh really,” she raised a skeptical brow.

            “And I thought I’d show you my…technique,” Matthew said with a sly grin.

            “I can always use a good…technician. I don’t know though, I don’t think one day is enough to become an expert.”

            “I’ve always been a quick study, but as you know a certain amount of prep work goes into it.”

            Poppy couldn’t suppress a smile as he lowered his mouth to hers.

            “So can persuade you to come see my…prep work?” he murmured against her lips.

            “Keep that up and you might be able to talk me into just about anything.” She melted against him groaning out loud as her tongue tangled with his.

            The kiss ended much too soon as Matthew stood up, directing her toward the bedroom. This room looked much better than the living room, as she’d inherited her grandmother’s pineapple post bed. Nice linens was her one indulgence and she had a tendency to spend her free time ensconced in the sanctuary of her bedroom. She loved the height of the feather mattress and had gone a bit overboard with plush linens.

            Now she stood in front of Matthew as he made quick work of removing her casual tee shirt and jeans ensemble, then lay back on the plush comforter, not quite believing that she was laid out naked like this while Matthew stood over her. His eyes traveled from the top of her head to her feet, his hand on his chin as he perused her like an artist. He left the room coming back shortly with…were those pastry bags? She soon had her answer as he stood over her with one in each hand. She wanted to giggle, but the sultry look on his face set off shivers of anticipation instead.

            He placed one knee on the bed, leaning over her as he piped a delicate bead of green buttercream around her right nipple. Poppy shivered again as the cool silkiness of the frosting made her nipple pucker even further. When he leaned down to lick it off she pressed her thighs together unbearably aroused by the sensation.

            “This frosting tastes almost as good as you do,” Matthew whispered before he repeated the sensuous procedure on her other nipple. Poppy closed her eyes at the pleasure that erupted along her nerve endings, but they sprang open again in shock as he leaned over her lower body and began to oh so carefully pipe tiny rosettes of pink frosting along her bikini line. He dodged her grasping hands, focusing intently though painting a Renaissance masterpiece.

            His mouth was only inches away from his work area and he whispered softly as she began moaning aloud. “Shhh.” He gently pushed her tightly clenched legs apart, then carefully pipe a large rosette right on top of her engorged clit.

            She gasped as he began licking the frosting off as he’d done with her nipples. One delicious stroke after another until none remained except for the one rosette decorating her pleasure center.

            Matthew leaned back, studying her open wetness with its creamy adornment. “I don’t know. It’s almost too pretty to eat.” He leaned down again. “Almost being the operative word here.” Instead of licking it, he took her clit gently between his lips, sucking on it in small pulses.

            Poppy’s hips arched off the bed desperate to get closer to the pleasure he was giving her. The spasms of ecstasy arced through her body and she closed her legs in response, clenching him between her thighs. Matthew groaned against her, forcing her legs apart as he began licking along her pulsating wetness. Again and again he laved her with the flat of his tongue, before taking her clit between his lips again. Suddenly it was too much and Poppy’s back arched involuntarily as her orgasm slammed into her so strongly that she literally saw stars.

            As reality slowly returned Matthew lay down beside her on the bed.

            “What about you?” she asked. “Don’t you want to…”

            Matthew leaned over to give her a soft kiss. “I already did. I’m ashamed to say. I haven’t come in my jeans since I was in high school,” he muttered ruefully.

            “You know, for an amateur your technique isn’t half bad, though, of course, I’d have to dock your pay for eating into my profit.”

            Matthew stroked a hand over the dainty curls of her pubic hair still highlighted with touches of pink frosting. “I don’t know boss, somehow I don’t think you’ll mind that loss on your balance sheet at all.

            Poppy cuddled down into his arms, contentment settling through her every sticky pore. Somehow she thought he might just be right. 

4 thoughts on “As Promised: Buttercream *Unedited and so NOT PG*

  1. Um Ros, I volunteer right here and now to do any editing for you! Whoa. That was hot! I’m serious as hell about the editing and I’ll work for free!

  2. um, I’m never going to look at buttercream in the same way again. So sexual, man cupcakes = porn now! 😀 Good job! :p

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