Why Does the Fitness Industry Lie to Us?

Actually, I know the answer to my own question. They lie because they know if they tell us the truth most people will never get off the couch. So they tell us that thirty minutes a day is enough exercise. This is totally bogus. The problem is, people do those thirty minutes and when nothing happens they give up. I know. I’ve done it a thousand times myself.

The fact is, you need at least an hour a day 5-6 days a week of cardio, PLUS three weight training sessions per week to lose weight. When the weight comes off you need to work out more NOT LESS. And an evening stroll isn’t going to cut it, though it’s better than nothing. You have to work, and work hard. Intensity is the name of the game. 

If we were told this from the jumpstreet, sure, some of us might never start, but there are those of us that want to get it done and are tired of the bullshit. Just be straight with us. We’ll do the work, just as long as we see results.

2 thoughts on “Why Does the Fitness Industry Lie to Us?

  1. When I was a teenager and up until age 30 or so I was always a 60+ minute person and would even exercise 120 minutes once a week too. Quite a few people (my friends/family) thought I was crazy to exercise that much, but it just felt right for me. I am not sure where the 30 minute of exercise ever came from? I personally never saw good results with such a small amount. I love 60+ minute workouts and had stopped doing them for about 3 years here recently. I was able to maintain my weight just fine, but I had other problems. Once I re-started my 60+ minute workouts I am now all back to good within 4 weeks! 😉 As far as weight training goes…I don’t think it is a definite requirement for everyone to lose weight. I believe any type of resistance/strengthening exercise (such as yoga or body weight exercises) can be done in its place.

  2. You might be right about the resistance training. I enjoy lifting weights and think it burns fat faster than anything. I mainly do Pilates to maintain flexibility and to prevent injury, plus I simply enjoy it.

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