The Insurance Industry Sucks

I’m sure this is no big revelation to most of you. Okay, so you won’t insure folks with a pre-existing condition. Fine. Why don’t you just post that on your website. In fact, post what those conditions are and stop wasting people’s time. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in insulin resistance hell. That’s one of those pre-existing conditions the industry won’t cover. So, I’m heading into year two without a mammogram. Never mind that both my mama and my aunt died of breast cancer and I’m 44 years old. I’ve been trying to get on a program for a free mammogram, but you have to have a doctor’s referral. Uh, if I could afford to go to the doctor, people, I wouldn’t need a free mammogram. And of course, the low-income clinic around here can’t be bothered to return a phone call so I can make an appointment. Yep, fifteen years working in social services, yet when I need some social service I can’t get any. When I go back to work it’s all about the money, baby and nothing but. I’m hard-headed, but I do eventually buy an effing clue.

5 thoughts on “The Insurance Industry Sucks

  1. Hi Roslyn! Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. I just wanted to post about the mammogram issue you are facing. PLEASE, PLEASE try to get one sooner versus later. A very good friend of mine (who is also insulin resistant) got a mammogram at 37 that her doctor did not think she needed and discovered that she had breast cancer! 😦

    Here in the state of Illinois we have various programs where female health services are free. I guess this is why our taxes are some of the highest in the country! 😦 Anyway, another older (in her mid 60’s) lady friend of mine utilized the free services for her mammogram, surgery/treatments, and has been taking a prescription medication for five years. Keep trying to get this important test done. Dealing with insurance companies is such a drag, but eventually something will work out for you.

  2. I think I found a place where I can get one for $100. (My regular place charges almost $1000!!! :O) I’m scheduled to go this coming Thursday. I’ve missed a lot of them because I’ve either been pregnant or nursing for the past six years!!! -lol- Now that I’m off the infertility treadmill I should be able to get back on schedule.

  3. Roslyn, that is great news!! 🙂 Wow!! $100 is not bad at all. My 37 year old friend who is a doctor and is also married to one complained about the cost of it too.
    Personally, I think many of the female health related things are extremely expensive simply because they do not affect men. Well, I hope all goes well with your test.

  4. Ros, PLEASE put the info out there where the place is for the mammogram. A lot of women would have it done but, they are uninsured and cant’ afford it.If anyone lives near that area,it’s worth driving to if you can have one for $100.

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