Dark Star Has Been Released!!!

Dark Star is available now at Amazon!  This is one of the most thrilling (and terrifying) moments of my life! Yeah, I know. I know. This isn’t my first rodeo and I should act like I’ve been here before, but in truth I haven’t. this is my first foray into self-publishing. As you already know, this book is a Rock Star sequel which reunites Calli’s best friend Tonya with Nate, the love of her life.

I want y’all to know howmuch I appreciate your support over the years, and hope I’ve earned your continued support. Please check this book out, I worked hard to make it as good as possible. And if you like it, pretty please with sugar and a Now and Later on top review it. This can make a crucial difference in sales. Again thank you so much for the love,y’all have no idea how much I love you too.

Dark Star

12 thoughts on “Dark Star Has Been Released!!!

  1. I have a Sony e-reader– not compatiable to either. will this be released in paper form too?

  2. It won’t be released in print, but I’m working on getting it ready to be converted to other formats. With any luck it dhouldn’t take any longer than a week or so.

  3. I just bought Gabriel’s Redemption and read it. I want you to know I have a real problem with you. The book is too SHORT! Character development is good, the story is great but I want more more more! It needs to be at least 3 times as long. Is there an unspoken rule limiting the length of romance books?

    Can a sista get an “extended edition” of Gabriel’s Redemption? I want more parents! More on the cult leader! More on his dastardly plot! More about Pink! More more more more more more more! And did I say… MORE!

  4. Waited for like forever for this one and now it is only available in Kindle:(((( will it be released too in other ebook formats outside of Kindle and Nook? I do have Bebook which uses the Adobe EPub and PDF’s.

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