I Need a Word

A few days ago someone asked me if I thought a particular character (not mine) was a whore. I said no, because my definition of whore is not simply someone who sleeps around, but someone who puts it out there for money or some other remuneration. And this character didn’t do that. And that got me to thinking about something. We don’t really have a non-derogatory word in the English language for women who simply like sex. I’m sure this oversight is intentional. I specify the English language because I’m too much of a Philistine to know if such exists in other languages.

A while back Lisa and I talked about doing a series about women who simply want to have no-strings-attached sex. We pretty much tabled the idea because we couldn’t come up with a name for the series. So I think I’m going to come up with a word for these women, much as cougar now means an older woman who likes younger men, I think women who simply like NSA sex should be called cookies. What do y’all think?

4 thoughts on “I Need a Word

  1. I think the old term was “round-heeled” (round heels to tip over so a woman can lay on her back, if you know what I mean.)

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