I Need A Wife

If you’d told me a decade ago that I’d actually be even marginally sympathetic towards polygamy I would’ve laughed hysterically. Its true, I am in dire need of a wife. I told the hubster a while back that I needed a rich husband and he stated that he did too. So maybe all four of us could live together in some type of polyamorous state. 

A generation ago, child-rearing was a congregate task. Though mainly relegated to women, typically you had relatives nearby to pitch in. Now that we’re putting child-rearing off until we’re older, a lot of times those relatives are either too old or dead. My son has one grandparent left and she lives in Florida. All other relatives are so busy that you have to make an appointment to see them. 

I think this might also be a way to circumvent the ‘mommy track.’ If women who worked outside the home had a back-up mommy to take care of the house and kids they’d be free to pursue their corporate ambitions. 

I’m not trying to push my child-rearing responsibilities off on anyone else, but yes, sometimes I need a break. For that matter, so does he. Replacing family with paid childcare is almost impossible. Its too rigid, too structured. I understand there are regulations involved, but it drives me nuts. I know I’d feel more comfortable leaving my child with someone I actually know and live with. Maybe polygamy isn’t the answer, clearly there are problems with that, but I’d really like to explore some type of communal arrangement. What do you think? Have you encountered similar barriers in childrearing?

9 thoughts on “I Need A Wife

  1. Hey, I’ve tried to get my wife to go for at least the polymory thing, another mid-income family at the least, would make the mortgage alot eaier to handle! Babysitting built in! Always someone to hang out with! But alas….she’s not game unless its Brad and Angelina (a win, win in my opinion)! lol

  2. I’ve requested a wife on several occasions! That or either I need to have an immediate clone of myself. Michael told me he can’t afford me, so the new wife is out! SIGH… gotta make it work.

  3. See, maybe you can get him with the same logic I hit Whit with all the time. “The more you buy the more you save.” Okay, maybe that wouldn’t apply to wives.

    My SIL just asked me when do I sleep. I was like darn, I knew I was missing something!

    @DJ It can’t be Brad and Angelina. The last thing this house needs is more loud, rowdy boys. Geez! Why can’t he play with Barbie dolls or something quiet?

  4. Dear God, you’ve got FOUR BOYS!!! How do you stand it? And could somebody please tell me why they’re SO LOUD? Mine just yells and screams and runs and bounces off the wall for no reason.

  5. O.K., here is what I know so far about boys (or have learned, and now I know why my mom used to keep a switch)

    1. Boys always answer your questions about why they do what they do with: “I don’t know”. I have boys between the ages of 5-15, and every time I ask why they do what they do: “I don’t know” is the answer….don’t try to go further, just beat them with a belt, switch, hot wheels race track, etc., because if you keep asking why, you will snap!

    2. Boys are loud because they don’t understand quiet, unless you ask them a direct question, upon which they will be quiet and say: “I don’t know”….

    3. Keep a switch only the threat of force deters a boy…

    Just a couple of tips…

  6. Hi Roslyn,

    I have also encountered this problem. Plus I am trying to mix in some Israeli families so they will get used to more Hebrew -which they’ll need.

    Will you blog bout the homeschooling? I am currently homeschooling but getting lots of flack from those who ‘found out’ lol.

  7. Why are you getting grief about homeschooling, Miriam? It’s not something I would’ve chosen to do, but here in Atlanta folks camp out to get their kids into pre-school. It’s a shame, but there you go.

    Sure, I’ll blog about homeschooling. I did so on my previous blog, I’ll probably just move that post over here and add to it.

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