Only In Atlanta…


Even the criminals in this town are off the hook. First we have the guy who shot two cops (killed one) but would only surrender on live TV. When they picked him up somehow he was missing a shirt. Old boy was flexing his pecs like he thought he had a reality show. And I suppose he does. He did have a Facebook page.

Then we have the robbery suspect who showed up for his hearing in a chauffered limousine. Of course, that’s tied up in that Eddie Long mess, so seriously, anything is possible when dealing with a church that has an ATM in the lobby. Clearly these folk never read the Bible. Jesus. Money changers in the temple. Does any of that ring a bell?

But I think yesterday might just take the cake. So we have a shooting in Midtown. Man shot three women killing one, and he escapes in a…wait for it…Prius! Hey, he’s a murderer, but at least he’s environmentally conscious.