Will Talk for Food

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in a while but I love going to various cities to talk to book clubs or library groups. I don’t charge for it, but you do have to feed me. If you have a group that’s within a reasonable driving distance from Atlanta (I’ll fly too, but you have to pay for that) I’ll be happy to come talk about publishing and writing. Also, I have a young son so I’m only available on weekends, unless you don’t mind having him tag along. Just hit me up with an email.

WAR: Sebastian Junger

Amazon.com: WAR (9780446556248): Sebastian Junger: Books.

As y’all know Sebastian Junger is the absolute love of my life. Someday I’m going to write an absolutely nauseatingly Mary Sue book starring the two of us, until then I’m usually salivating to get my hands on anything he’s written. I’ve been waiting for his latest, War, to come out in paperback. Well, guess what Santa left in my stocking? Yep. It’s so good I read it in two days flat. This man is so unbelievably talented he seriously makes me want to step away from the keyboard.

Reading his account of life in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan has inspired me to do a serious rewrite on my book, Buttercream. The lead character in that book is a helicopter pilot, and I’ve got all types of insights into what that life is like, that I never had before. I think it will result in a better, more well-rounded book.