Floetry and the Writing Muse

So I’m driving back from having lunch with the Luke yesterday at school and this song came on the radio. I was so blown away I almost wrecked my car! (I’m not even going to get into all my friends who haven’t bothered to tell me about this group. Y’all know I don’t get out much, and thought from the name that it was some rapper. ANYWAY. I won’t make a “butters” video about y’all, THIS TIME.)

This song is unbelievable. Grown folk music that isn’t 30 years old. It’s perfect for “grown-up time” and it inspired the best love scene I’ve ever written. Tonya and Nate were the perfect couple for it and I absolutely love it.

Writing love scenes can be quite difficult (at least for me). It’s crucial to get the emotional connection, otherwise it becomes pornographic and boring, after all, inserting Flap A into Slot B isn’t particularly interesting unless you’re invested in the characters. But it’s also important to make it steamy and sexy. After all, we ARE grown. Striking the balance is not exactly easy. I often write to music, though it’s not every day that I’m inspired so strongly. Most of the time I don’t include the song in the story, though it happens occasionally, such as DMB’s “Crash” in Let’s Do It Again.

Of course, my entire writing career is inspired by music. Rock Star is essentially a love letter to Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Many of my books are inspired by songs, Try a Little Tenderness of course and Let’s Do It Again where not only the title but even the characters names (Jack and Dyanne) are from songs I love. That whole story came from me be-bopping along in my car to the Mellencamp classic and wondering what happened to them after the song ended. Santa Baby, is obviously taken almost directly from my fave Christmas song.

I’ve got a ton of story ideas, but if I ever lack inspiration all I have to do is go through my CD collection or kick up Pandora, which by the way is as addictive as crack. The music, combined with my imagination will never let me run out of concepts. And that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I’m going to polish that love scene a bit, then I will post at least part of it for y’all.

Working on Dark Star

This book has been rattling around in my head for so long that writing it feels almost like I’m channeling someone else. I haven’t had a book come this easy since…well, never. As you know I like to have people in mind for my character descriptions. These have been in my head for about six years now as well. I’m sure that neither Goapele or Galen Gering look this way now, but this is how I picture these characters in my head. Nate you might remember from Try a Little Tenderness, as he helps Lola and Koss escape from the bad guys. He’s also mentioned briefly in Rock Star. He’s Tonya’s old college boyfriend who supposedly went off to join the Peace Corps…or not. Well now it’s nearly fifteen years later and Tonya is the author of a hit mystery series. And Nate, well, right now he’s just trying to keep her from becoming a casualty of his decade-long battle with his nemesis. This story is very complex and I’ve wondered if I have the chops to write. Oh well, if I don’t I can be sure nobody else does either. So there you go.

This story was inspired by an article I read in Vanity Fair about the nefarious activities in the Triple Border region of South America. The article was written by the love of my life, Sebastian Junger and is absolutely fascinating. I’m trying to capture that same level of excitement in my book. I hope I succeed.