Given Has Been Re-Released


Remember I told y’all I have the most talented husband the known universe? Check this one out. This is the first book in the Eshu Chronicles, a historical series featuring shape shifters who are conductors on the Underground Railroad. This book was first released in February 2010. It hasn’t gone up at B&N or Amazon yet, but as always it’s currently available in all formats at Smashwords and ARe. Y’all better have some. B&N and Amazon.

Stolen is Available Again!




Despite the forces allied against her Grace Adams is determined to become a conductor on the Underground Railroad and also a doctor. She is Eshu, able to shift into any animal form at will, and she knows this ability will help her in her difficult missions. Then one tragic mistake alters the trajectory of her ambition. Grace has not only to demonstrate her ability as a conductor, but also to resist the sensual allure of her passion for Dr. Parker Quinn.

Parker is a stationmaster on the Railroad and resistant to the notion of a woman, especially his woman, engaging in such a dangerous undertaking. But her passion only makes him more determined to have Grace for his own, despite the scandal and the laws against miscegenation.
Although Grace loves him, she doesn’t want to marry. She knows the domineering Dr. Quinn will be even more restrictive than her father, but he won’t be deterred. It will take all of their passion and determination to survive social scorn and legal challenges while they make both their goals come true.

Remember, this is one of the few places you can read about slavecatchers getting their throats ripped out by shapeshifting cheetahs!



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