Dumb As Hell

darkstar600x800.jpgYep, that’s all she wrote. IMO this is the funniest (and pithiest) review I’ve ever gotten. The disgust in her tone is so clear that I laugh every time I see that review. Do I agree with her? Nope, I don’t think I’ve ever written a dumb book. Certainly I’ve written some that were better than others, but to my mind Dark Star is an excellent book, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

And yes, I’ve gotten reviews that don’t make me laugh. Reviews that were mean spirited or inaccurate. I’ve even had authors send their flying monkeys after me. Some have pissed me off, and y’all know I can be hot headed, but I learned long ago that it’s unprofessional to respond to a review. Let alone the lengths that crazy woman in The Guardian article went to. I know it’s a common trope that we authors think of these books as our children. (Don’t ask me where that comes from, after all, we don’t sell our children! At least I hope not. To me it ranks right up there with that “I would write for free bullshit. No hell I wouldn’t!) But they are like our children in one way only; once we launch them into the world there’s nothing we can do about how the world receives them. It’s crucial that we as professionals recognize this fact, and, if nothing else, get some friends who will reign you in when the crazy strikes. Because, damn,

They Really Love Drawing the Stud!!!

This is what one fan had to say:

Couldn’t put it down when I started. THIS is how you pack a well written, engaging, believable and yet romantic read into a short story. Well worth the money and more. There are only two other authors of the I/R genre whose books I can buy knowing that the editing is spot on.

If you haven’t bought this as yet, trust, you’re missing out on a good book.

HIGHLY recommend!

These type comments really uplift my spirits.

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The Lion in Russia is an ARe Recommended Read!


Do you get ARe’s newsletter? If you don’t you definitely should. This week The Lion in Russia is a Recommended Read. It’s not up on their site yet, (or I can’t find it) so I’m quoting the review here. And yes, I’m squeeing like a newbie because y’all know these books are my first love.
ETA: They’ve got the link up now. http://www.arecafe.com/cafe_publisher/roslyn-hardy-holcomb/

Pussycat Death Squad: The Lion in Russia by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb is an action-packed, interracial romance that is short, sweet and full of grit. The female lead character Vries St. John is a cross between a “Charlie’s Angel,” and a “Bond girl”. She is the epitome of beauty and brains with the ability to literally stop a man’s heart with just one touch. I loved the role reversal in that the big, hulking man is being protected by this waiflike supermodel agent. With all the action comes some comical scenes and one in particular when Vries and Leo are attacked while in the limo and Vries pulls Leo to the limo floor and uses her body to shield him from a barrage of bullets aimed for him. It reads as very comical but Leo was far from amused to say the least. It is at that point that Vries’ cover is blown and Leo blows his top. This is also an enjoyable read because while Vries and Leo are mature lovers, they exhibit an intensity and passion that is ageless.

Pussycat Death Squad: The Lion in Russia has an intricate but easy to follow plot. Vries St. John is a high fashion model, government operative and assassin. Her cases are usually straightforward; take out the bad guy. Her most current assignment is difference though because this time she has to protect someone. She is assigned to protect Russian magnate Leo Azhikelyamov, a man she has feelings for. Her mission is particularly sensitive because she has to protect him without his knowing. Leo successfully built an empire from questionable deals with the Russian Government and now wants to give back to the economy that made him wealthy. However, those in power don’t share his vision and instead have marked Leo for death. Vries knows this mission would be unique because she never guarded someone she cared about. Their long held feelings run unchecked as they spend time together and Vries soon succumbs to her feelings for Leo. When Vries is seriously hurt while guarding him, Leo takes on the role of protector. His integrity is important but not as important as the woman who has come to mean so much to him. He is willing to sacrifice his wealth but he won’t lose Vries now that she’s become the most important person in his life.

How Can I Get You to Write Reviews?

I’ve been wondering about this one for a while, so I’ll just put it out there in my usual manner and see who salutes. What does it take to get you to review a book? I think I understand that people have very little time and often simply don’t want to be bothered. That’s why I offer contests and such, but typically all I get is crickets. Would free books help? Maybe a form you could simply fill out? Or is it that people don’t know where to post reviews? I really need some feedback on this issue, because I’ve got a pretty good idea of what my sales are and my reviews on various sites don’t reflect those numbers AT ALL.

Reviews sell books, but I must admit that’s not my only motivation. I simply want to hear from readers. I get a bit confused when I read a book that’s gotten dozens of reviews and it turns out to be subpar. It makes me wonder how that book got so many reviews when mine don’t get many. What are those authors doing that I’m not doing. So, I’m asking you to tell me. What motivates you to write a review? Oh, and if there’s something else that you feel I should be doing or not doing you can let me know that too. Thanks for your feedback.

Another Yummy Buttercream Review

From the appropriately named, Chocolicious Reviews. I especially love this quote:

I was very pleased to discover she could up the heat without losing any of the sweetness that I expect when I pick up one of her books.  I highly recommend this book.


See, I told you I was hot and sweet!! LOL

Major Favor, Major

I have a strange and painful relationship with reviews. Initially I paid them little to no attention as I felt as a writer they’re not for me, they’re for readers. Then I had a baptismal by fire when someone commented on another writer’s work on Amazon and said that I must be paying reviewers to denigrate that writer. It’s been five years and that still stings like it happened yesterday. Not only is that a violation of my own personal honor code, it’s beneath contempt. Since then I went back to ignoring them until recently. I understand that readers like to read reviews from other readers–I do too, so I get why they’re important. Unfortunately, there are some very petty people out there. If you don’t like my book, hey, I have no beef with that. My style is not for everyone. However, one reader over at Goodreads one-starred all my books because she didn’t like the review I gave one of her fave authors. (Yeah, I know that’s nutty as hell, but hey anonymity give folk the freedom to commit all manner of fucknuttery.) This would be fine, except that I don’t have very many reviews for some of my books. Even if you have three five star reviews a one-star review can make major impact. I’ve done many things in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever written a one-star book. So once again I’m asking that if you’ve read my book and enjoyed them, please do me a favor and review them at Amazon or Goodreads. You can also review at ARe and Fictionwise if you bought the book on those sites. Word of mouth sells more books than all the advertising and promo in the world and I’ve been loath to ask, but please, please, please do everything you can to help me in this regard. Facebook and Twitter are good as well and posting them on your blogs would be great. Again, thank you ever so much.

Buttercream is now at Amazon…

…and other third party vendors. I know some of you prefer to buy at sites such as Amazon, ARe and FictionWise, that’s why I get so excited when my books become available at the third party sites. Of course, they’re always available at Loose Id as well. For those of you who’ve read Buttercream (or any of my books) do me a massive favor and review them at Amazon or Goodreads. It makes a huge difference. Remember a review can be just a few sentences. Thanks for your help.