Awesome Review of Pussycat in Peril



It’s been a long time since a review made me cry, but this one had me all up in my feels. It’s no secret that much as I love this series, it doesn’t sell well. I knew from the beginning what I wanted this series to be, so that was never an issue, but this cover? Good grief, that was a struggle. A hijab on the cover of a romance book? I’d never seen it, (which was a key motivator to do it) and knew it would turn some readers off.

I thought long and hard about leaving it off, especially since I had a helluva time finding a stock photo that would work. Whit finally had to merge four photos, and y’all don’t know what a struggle that is (not to mention the expense). I looked at stock photos until my eyes crossed trying to find pictures where the angles and shadows were just right. I’ve done it so much I’m officially an expert! Even so, I am so glad I stuck to my original vision. It’s amazeballs when people read the story and understand where I was coming from. Love against all odds. Regardless of religion or political strife or whatever. It’s still love folks and that’s the business I’m in.

A Review from the Lovely Tricia Warren

I know I tell y’all all the time how much I love hearing feedback from you. Finishing Superstar was especially difficult. I returned to work full time in March (yay me!), and with my new obligations I literally was down to writing in five minute increments on my iPad! (Don’t do this, it’s a real pain.) I love this story so much, and have been waiting to tell it forever. Sioux is one of my really flawed characters, but she speaks to me on a level I haven’t experienced in a while. Thad has been my baby forever, I love the geek guys so much. To see that you guys enjoy my books and get what I’m trying to do is like manna from Heaven for me. Love y’all so much, and plan to write as long you guys will read it.

So Sunday I get one of my favorite emails ever. I hurry to Amazon and get my copy of superstar. Frantically I read to the point my tablet stops charging, but I’m so entranced I keep reading on my phone. Finish the story and damnit if I don’t love Thad as much as I do Bryan & Harley. I love this story & enjoyed rooting for Sioux to win get battle. It is nice to root for the flawed heroine who is working hard to stay on track. Thank you for finishing it for us. I gotta say I do love Storm Crow.

Not Sure Why Y’all Aren’t Buying This Book


Fangs For The Fantasy

To be honest, I’m confused. When I first heard about plans for this book I thought it would be a shoo-in. I’ve heard fans complain repeatedly about the lack of multicultural urban fantasy, and this one is deep and rich and characterization. The world building is particularly stellar and now there’s proof. Check out this review from a fantasy review site.

Another Awesomer Than Hell Review

I think they must know it’s my birthday. I don’t know how I missed this review of Morning Star from The Romance Studio. This quote is stellar!

Ms. Holcomb definitely kept me on my toes with this one with a couple of unpredictable twists in the story. However, she revealed all in a manner which was natural and believable. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the book and will recommend it to others.

See, Now I’m Blushing

Check out this review from The Literary Nymphs. I particularly love this quote:

Buttercream is a beautifully written story that will leave you wanting to read it over and over again.  Readers will bond with the characters immediately, as if they were next door neighbors.  If you have never read a Roslyn Hardy Holcomb story, you are missing out.  Just let Buttercream be your first, and I can guarantee you, it won’t be your last.

Isn’t that freaking awesome. Got to put that on my website.