My Girl Ain’t Got No Hair…

Ain’t nothing growing there…fave Army song, and quite apt for this photo. Yep, this is me post Big Chop sans hair. And for the record it’s not being nearly bald that bothers me, I’ve been here before. It’s not having a hairline. Seriously the stuff that having children does to your body should be illegal. Anyway, you guys wanted to see it and here it is. The TTWA is not a good look on me. I have a fat face, especially right now and my head is too big. But I have to live with this until it grows out. It’s too delicate right now to manipulate into twists, so I just moisturize, lubricate and sleep on my satin pillowcase. Shea moisture and a coconut oil spritz are my best friends. By January it’ll be long enough to do something with, which is a good thing because my hair hates winter.

The One Where She Cuts All Her Hair Off

Yep, I have about an inch of hair covering my scalp. It’s kinda strange to go from waist-length locs to NO HAIR in one afternoon. I had no choice. My hair always thins after I have a baby and the bases of my locs had gotten so thin they were starting to break. Whit assures me that I’m still sexy, but I’m thinking not so much. I have a mirror and right now I see a fat, bald, leaky mess. (Can you tell I’m a bit bummed about the whole thing? And no I will not be posting pictures. I look like I got the worse end of a fight with a flock of chickens.)  It’s REALLY bad. Normally I like having a TWA, but my hairline is gone as well and is VERY gray. I seriously look like I’ve had chemo and know I’ll get LOTS of questions. I can’t color right now because the hair coming in is very delicate. So I’m hitting the rosemary and coconut oil hard. Someone suggested taking biotin, but I don’t know whether that’s okay for a nursing mama. Any other ideas?