Poor Kell, can’t catch a break. He had torticullis when he was born. No one is sure what causes it, but he might have been positioned poorly in the womb due to my low amniotic fluid. The doctor gave me some exercises to do with him when he was about three months old. We did them five times a day. We also arranged the changing tablen and crib so he’d have to turn his head against the way ut was tilted to see us. We held him in the “Superman hold” to strengthen his neck and upper back as well, and he was okay within a few months. Of course he hated the exercises and would scream so pitifully. The doctor assured me they didn’t hurt, but how would he know? Yeah, I cried a lot.

Now it seems he has some delay in gross motor skills development. He’s nearly a year old and isn’t pulling up or crawling. The doctor diagnosed hypotonia and we had our first physical therapy appointment yesterday. I, of course was a mess because I made the mistake if googling “hypotonia” and scared the all living hell out of myself! Apparently his isn’t that bad, and might even be simple muscle weakness in his core. Baby pilates? Well not quite, but we have series of exercises to do with him. Muscle weakness is better than hypotonia because you can strengthen muscles with exercise. Hypotonia is more a matter of reconditioning the brain and nerves; a far more daunting task. I was primarily concerned about his ability to play sports. Whit and Luke are such athletes I didn’t want Kell to feel left out. The therapist said that didn’t seem to be indicated, but we’ll see how the exercises go. Once his treatment is approved by insurance we’ll go once a week.

Anyway, he woke up one grumpy baby this morning, I don’t think he slept well. Unlike Luke, he’s an unbelievably light sleeper. If you go antwhere near his room he wakes up. After breakfast we started the exercises. Lots of screaming, and this time I know I’m not hurting him, but I’m still a blubbering mess. The exercises didn’t go well, which isn’t surprising i’m not altogether comfortable with them yet, but soon they’ll flow. We’ll try again later. I know we have to do these several times a day, and it has to be done, but damn it’s hard. Anyway, he’s napping now and I think I’ll have cuppa and chill a bit.