Been Organizing Again


This is my entry for the January Cure over at Apartment Therapy. Remember last year I did my linen closet. There are no medicine cabinets in either bathroom in my house. The guest bath does have drawers and such, but with a little one about, I don’t like to leave medicine where he can reach it. We use the closet at the end of the hall as a combination medicine cabinet and a place for me to keep my sewing and aromatherapy supplies. It’s been a mish-mash for years, but today with some help from Dollar Store bins I finally got that bad boy organized. What do you think?

Remember my linen closet from a couple years ago? Believe or not, they haven’t destroyed it and it still looks nice.


Nincompoop, AKA Headquarters

I’m a full time writer and a full time mama to an eight year old and a two year old. It gets more than a bit squirrelly around here. I’ve learned that the key to less insanity is that old maxim, “A place for everything…” I love what I refer to as our nincompoop (Old M*A*S*H reference), others call it a landing strip. Anyway, it’s essentially a place right by your entry to put stuff. I have hooks hung at kid height for coats, book bags and various miscellany. A cork board for flyers and lists and a white board for spelling words and shopping list. I also have a wall pocket for stuff that needs signing and returning to school. We have a calendar, a clock, and more hooks for keys. I like to keep a fruit bowl right at the door for quick grabbing, kleenex for last minute runny noses and vaseline because I have the world’s ashiest children. I love this sideboard because I can keep mittens, hats and lunchboxes in there. Unfortunately, it’s too deep–my kitchen is 25 feet long, but only eight feet wide. I also need a sideboard with cubbies for shoes. Right now they collect in a heap by the door. Decorating is a never ending process and I know I will eventually find the right piece.