Organic Milk and B.O.

Last week Luke went four days without a bath. (Don’t judge me! It was Thanksgiving, and I’m in deadline hell.) Actually the reason I didn’t notice is because he wasn’t funky. Under normal circumstances after a day or so he would definitely need a bath AND deodorant. After the news about boys starting puberty early much like girls, I confess I freaked the hell out. Luke is already enough of a handful. Visions of him in puberty at eight gave me nightmares, so I decided to switch to organic milk and eggs. (I also briefly bought organic meat, but that is too much of a budget buster.) Organic milk costs roughly double what regular milk does. I try to get at Target as their Archer Farms is cheaper than Publix’s Greenwise. It’s been roughly a month, and I haven’t had to remind Luke to wash or put on deodorant in weeks. Keep in mind, he’s an active kid: He’s on the soccer team and has two long practices a week, plus a game on Saturday. The weekend before Thanksgiving he had three games, but no body odor. Obviously buying organic milk is no substitute for good hygiene, but it’s just stunning the difference it has made.

Now comes the burning question; What exactly is non-organic milk doing to our children that it can actually give them such strong body odor? If you google it the internet is full of stories just like mine. It really is depressing that something that is supposed to be good for kids could be so dangerous. I wish I could afford to go totally organic, but just milk and eggs is a huge financial strain. I just feel sorry for our kids for whom something so basic as good nutrition has become such a freaking minefield.