Have Y’all Read This?!?

7ddd76_697165a395a04c2e9c32da29fc384ed0.jpg_srz_p_302_446_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzYou better recognize. Zeus is one psycho mofo, and y’all know I love a crazy hero. Dude takes it to the next level. The scene with the head (no, not that kind, and ACTUAL HEAD) had me screaming laughing at three o’clock in the morning. Adding Shay Rucker to my list of authors I harass the hell out of. I’m needing her next book, right about now.

Loose Id Cyber Monday Deals


Woo Hoo, look at all those lovely books. Loose Id has deep discounted over a hundred books this Cyber Monday including perennial fan favorite Santa Baby. According to the awesome Lisa G. Riley herself this is hand’s down my best book. Obviously it’s great for this time of the year, and now it’s THREE DOLLARS OFF!!! Remember, the more you spend the more you save! #sweetheat #multicultural romance #interracial romance

Loose Id Daily Deals


Have you been over to the Loose Id site lately? Well they’ve got a rip-roaring sale through December 1, 0n Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and food-related titles through December 1. My book, Buttercream is on sale for $2.99! That’s $2.00 off! Isn’t that sweet? And get this, I’m also putting the sequel to Buttercream, Milk & Honey on sale for $2.99 through Monday as well. Yep, double the sugar rush. But here’s the thing. The sale on Buttercream is only at the Loose Id site. For Kindle readers, .PRC/MBI loads to Kindle no problem. For Nook readers, .EPUB will ‘side load’ to Nook using Adobe Digital Editions, or download to Dropbox and then open in Nook. If you need help with these non-standard formats, Customer Service is available with less than 24 hour turnaround.

And the sale on Milk & Honey is at Smashwords and ARe, only but they have all the formats you need for any of your devices, and customer service is available there as well. 

If you haven’t read these books about the delectably wacky Blakemore clan you’ve truly missing out. Here’s the blurb for Buttercream:

Like the sinfully decadent treats she whips up in her bakery, Poppy Blakemore is irresistible, even to a battle scarred warrior like Matthew McAlister. Unfortunately, except for a love for delicious pastry and a passion so hot it leaves them scorched in its wake, the two of them have nothing in common. He is a straight-as-an arrow helicopter pilot who has been traumatized by combat, while she struggles to reconcile her capitalist tendencies with her counter-culture background.

The passion between them is undeniable, but Poppy knows that anything more than a sexual relationship is out of the question. Matthew wants so much more. Are sex and buttercream going to be enough to hold them together, or is their love doomed like an overcooked madeleine?

And the blurb for Milk & Honey:

For those of you who enjoyed Buttercream, here’s another delicious story about the “flower children” of the Blakemore clan.

When a massive land development deal brings together high-powered dealmaker Cypher Lawrence and latter day hippie goat herder Jacinto Blakemore the last thing either expects is an explosive attraction that leaves them desperate for more. Cypher has been assigned to broker a contract with Jacinto for the sale of his farm. Despite his laid-back demeanor Jacinto has a will of iron and is determined to hold on to his land against Cypher’s corporation. 

Business considerations take a back seat as they discover a love that transcends their differences, and Jacinto’s beloved moonlit prairie is just the balm Cypher’s overextended spirit needs. They fall into a serendipitous relationship, but when corporate intrigue threatens to tear them apart there might not be enough similarities and trust to sustain their love.

Yep, just perfect for this time of the year, so hop on over and take advantage of these great prices, and be sure to check out the Daily Deals on the Loose Id site. I know I will be!

Writing Goals

Monica Jackson has a post up on her blog about writing 10k words a day. That’s a pretty ambitious goal. I rarely get more than 2k-3k per day and that’s when my husband is home and able to watch the kids. I try to write at night when everyone else is in bed. Typically from 10-2. Then I’m back up at 6:30 to get my eldest ready for school.

I’ve noticed some authors are able to put out a half dozen or more books a year and I do wonder how they do it. I assume those writers have a substantial backlog. At least I hope so, because if they don’t then I really do feel inadequate.

Except for one story I’ve pretty much sold all the fiction I’ve ever written. I don’t have any stories under the bed, though I really wish I did. I’ve decided to make 2012 my Last Stand. Either I’ll make it this year or it’s not going to happen. To that end I have a pretty ambitious schedule. I’m covering all bases–self-publishing, subs to traditional publishers, namely Kimani, and continuing with e-pubs as well. So in the spirit of writing it down and making it happen here’s my schedule for 2012:

Y’all already know about Dark Star, which I’m self-publishing is slated for around Valentine’s Day. I plan another Rock Star sequel, Superstar, which is the story of Thad and the burned-out pop star, Sioux Duprée.

I’m also starting Book 1 of the Jump Off Chronicles, Hot for Teacher. This is the only story I’ve never sold, primarily because I never finished it. The Jump Off Chronicles is actually Lisa’s idea and with any luck (and lots of nagging) I hope to make it a series. Further down the pike, I’ve got a Pussycat sequel, Pussycat on Guard which is a Russian billionaire and his supermodel bodyguard. I’m hoping Loose Id will buy it, which they might not since the first didn’t sell well. I really love this concept though and who knows what might happen?

Right at this moment I’m working on Diamonds on the River which I plan to submit to Kimani. I’ve never had an idea that I thought was right for them, but this one seems to work. Diamonds is about a successful stockbroker who has to go to an ex to rescue her wayward brother from the clutches of the SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission, not the football conference, though that would make an interesting story too.)

And believe it or not, that’s not all that’s on the agenda, but it’s all I can talk about at the moment or Lisa will hurt my feelings. I hope I can up my daily word count or I’m going to be exhausted to say the least.