Baby Bunnies

So Sunday Whit was mowing the grass and inadvertantly disturbed a bunny nest. We like to let the grass in the backyard get high in the spring to give cover to the birds and other wildlife, and we’d seen the mama rabbit around so we knew there was a nest but we couldn’t find it. Whit looked carefully, but this rabbit had built her nest under the playset, and he didn’t see it. The babies are okay. We restored the nest as best we could, but the high grass was gone. Fortunately the mama did come back and they’re fine, but keeping Luke out of the backyard is darned near impossible. I’m trying not to traumatize them any further, but he wants to check on them every day. Rabbits are very high strung and if they’re stressed they won’t eat. Luke’s soccer rebounder is right near the playset, so the poor little things are not in the best location. I was hoping she would move them, but she didn’t. Rabbits wean pretty rapidly and with any luck they’ll be gone soon.