Finally the Quilt is Finished!

I know it’s only taken forever, but keep in mind I’ve been raising two kids and have written five books in the interim! But isn’t it darling? The pattern is called Crossroads. I still have the first quilt I ever made and it’s from this pattern as well. I like it a lot. It’s very striking and graphic. I always make baby quilts at least twin bed sized so they can use it a long time. What do you guys think?

The deets: 100% fabric, mainly scraps, some from from 20s/30s retro prints. The only fabric I purchased is the red pindot and the backing. Warm & Natural all cotton unbleached batt. I didn’t pre-wash any of the fabric (insane, I know, especially with the red) but I LOVE the old timey look a quilt gets when it’s washed and the fabric shrinks a bit. It looks snuggly and lived in, so yeah, I take a big risk, and yes, I’ve had a MAJOR disaster, with BLUE of all colors!


Kell is Walking!!

As you guys know, Kell has hypotonia which has delayed the development of his gross motor skills quite a bit. When we started physical therapy four months ago he had just started the low crawl. He couldn’t lift his torso. He wasn’t pulling up at all. Now he’s walking!!! *insert Snoopy dance* I’m so grateful, both to God and his physical therapist. My little dude isn’t even two yet and has already gone through hypotonia and torticullis. He’s a tough little nut.

This Is How We Roll

I’ve been insanely busy of late trying to finish Dark Star. I’ve finally finished editing (Yay!) and will be uploading ittonight. With any luck it should be up at Amazon by Monday. Thank you ever do much for your patience. Thought I’d share a video of his favorite means of locomotion with y’all. Enjoy!

Kell’s Baptism

Reason #4857 why I needed to have another baby–I got to use this christening suit again. Seriously, I paid a king’s ransom for this thing and then Luke slept through his entire baptism. I don’t have a single picture of him AWAKE. Not a problem with Kell-zebub. Isn’t this a fabulous picture?

I Swear He’s NOT Foaming at the Mouth

Poor little guy is teething. He’s drooling and chewing everything in sight! Went to the doctor Tuesday, he had to have shots. He looked up at me and looked so betrayed. I told Whit he has to take him next time I can’t handle it. He weighs almost seventeen pounds and is almost twenty-seven inches long. He’s in the 95th percentile for height and the 90th for weight. Yeah, he’s going to be another big’un. I’ve got to work on my weight training for real though. I can barely lift him.