Finding Some Me Time, HELP!

Last year was very hard on me. I severely underestimated what a time suck a new baby would be, and frankly, I’m exhausted. And little wonder. I average about four hours of sleep per night. Typically I write at night after the kids are in bed. I’m lucky in this regard as both are usually asleep by eight. Then Whit and I have our time before he goes to bed at ten. I’m rarely in bed before one, and have to be up at six to corral Loud Azz Boy #1 to school. Then I have to LAB #2 up and feed him. Then off to school. Then back home. Kell takes two naps a day, and that’s usually when I do housework. And he goes to physical therapy as well. That being the case I have no time for myself, and am always tired. What do I do when I’m tired? Eat. Mostly carbs. So right now I feel awful and school starts next week plus Luke is in club soccer, which means two evening practices during the week and at least one game on the weekend.

So, I’m thinking about getting up earlier. Maybe five o’clock in order to get some exercise, prayer and meditation time in. I would love to take morning walks by myself. I haven’t been alone for nearly two years. For an introvert like me that’s horrible. I can’t workout at night. It triggers my insomnia. My main problem is that I can’t wake up that early on my own, and if I set the alarm, that will wake Whit up. Does anyone else do this? How have you found time for yourself? I’ve got to do this. I feel and look bad. My hair is coming out. I’ve gained weight and I’m always tired. Help!