Raspberry Sorbet Is Now Available

Another delicious title in the Luscious Love series…

Paisley, struggling with the effects of a tragic incident in her past owns a sorbet shop on the ground floor of a midtown Atlanta high-rise. She has developed an embarrassing crush on Stephan, budding tech entrepreneur and lover of raspberry sorbet whose company occupies the top floor of her building. Though she doesn’t realize it, her crush is very much reciprocated and then some but before he can act on his feelings Stephan has to deal with an internal threat to his business. Fortunately for both of them, he has cleverly figured out a way to navigate the perils of the Dark Web while pursuing Paisley…at least he hopes so.

This the third book in my Luscious Love series. All about the rather bohemian Blakemore family, and two of my favorite things, love andFOOD!

Obviously the title is a play on the title of my favorite Prince song, Raspberry Beret. Yes, I still love puns. But it’s also related to the birth of my firstborn, Luke. When I was pregnant with Luke, I had bad morning sickness. Sorbet is one of the few things I could eat, and raspberry was my favorite. Except, as seems to always happen to me, there was no raspberry sorbet to be found in Huntsville, AL! Whit, my husband, who had checked every grocery store in town, started to sing, “All she wanted was raspberry sorbet, the kind you can’t find in any grocery store.” Hilarious right? I knew right then I had to write a book with that title.

I’m also excited about the giveaway for my favorite Senate candidate Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock. Donate at least $5 to his campaign, send me a copy of the receipt and get a free copy of the book!


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