Lisa G.’s Latest

(She hates when I call her that. Makes her sound like she’s on Jersey Shore. Which is, of course, why I call her that. She’s such a lady, and I’m so…not.) Anyway, her new book After the Morning After drops tomorrow from Loose Id and it’s my fave from her in a long time. Well, for one thing she actually let me read it. She got pissed at me for no reason when I was reading Do Me Right and hasn’t let me read anything since. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure I admit that I might have called her  screaming about one of the scenes and it might have been about 2 am, but man can she hold a grudge. After the Morning After features one sexy Asian Indian software engineer (by way of Athens Georgia) who is funny as hell and did I mention sexy? Love. Love. Love this book.