Pure Fucknuttery


I’ve been laughing at this chick for a while now, but today, she went TOO DAMNED FAR!!! I just watched this highly paid ‘t.v. chef’ make cornbread dressing with a can of water chestnuts, a pack of dry Italian seasoning and a can of creamed corn! No sage. No celery. No onion. What kind of fucknuttery is that? How the hell do she and Paula Deen get away with this condensed soup cooking? Folk cooked like that back in the 1970s when nobody knew any better. For the love of Pete, how hard is it to make cornbread dressing? I know she’s a lush (Witness the Christmas tree covered in cocktail glasses), but if you’re going to call yourself a cook, do some cooking.

How is this woman selling cookbooks? Opening packages of canned food is not cooking. Even if you tacky it up with over-the-top tablescapes. Hey Sandra, here’s an idea, why not spend some of the time you put into buying tacky shit to put on the table into you know, cooking? What the hell is up with these bubble-headed women getting lucrative book deals? You can’t convince me that Sarah Palin has anything to say that’s worth $7 million. The woman can’t even talk in complete sentences. Most of the money will probably end up going to the ghost writer to pay for her Prozac prescription. Damned if I’d spend hours talking to that woman without strong meds.

The War to End All Wars


Okay, so I’m going to have to go into seclusion on Veteran’s Day next year. It seems that every year somebody says or does something stupid. Last year it was people who couldn’t tell their children what the poppies were for. This year, this nitwit CNN anchor, Heidi Collins referred to World War II as ‘The War to End All Wars.’ I kept waiting for her to come back and correct herself, but she never did. Even worse, according to her biography she’s a specialist in ‘military affairs.’ 

Just for the record folks, World War I is known as ‘The War to End All Wars.’ And those poppies symbolize all the soldiers who lost their lives in Flanders Field, also in World War I. Poppy seeds live in soil indefinitely until that soil is disturbed, then they pop up suddenly. So many graves were dug after the battle of the Somme that there were poppies as far as the eye could see. Please, for all things butter-cream frosted, remember that next Veteran’s Day.

Will ‘First Granny’ Marian Robinson Move Into The White House?

This story made me tear up a bit. I think it would be wonderful to have Mrs. Robinson in the White House. The girls have had a close relationship with her during this interminable campaign. Logistically that would be almost impossible to maintain were she to remain in Chicago. 

And, I guess in a way I am having my own vicarious thrill at the notion of these little girls being in the same household with their last living grandmother. I wish with all my heart that I could give that to Luke. Or for that matter to me. My mama is gone as are all my grandmothers. All before he was even born. When I look at this picture of Mrs. Robinson I just ache with that special loneliness I suspect that only those who have lost our mothers feel. I think this family should enjoy the time with her to the fullest, and hope they choose to do this. 

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First Ladies: Inaugural Ball Gowns


I’ve always been fascinated by inaugural balls, really formal events period. I like the notion of dressing up in frippery. Note, I said I like ‘notion’ of dressing up in formal wear, but actually wearing it? Not so much. I’ve always loved Mamie Eisenhower’s dress. She was a legendary lover of the color pink, which was known as Mamie pink in her day. I looked for something similar for my own wedding. I’m not crazy about Jackie Kennedy’s dress. I just don’t like capes. Though I hated her husband, I think Nancy Reagan’s dress was quite nice. Usually I don’t like the one-shoulder thing, but for her, it worked.

Of course, there’s mad and crazy speculation about Madame Obama’s dress. I would imagine that besides the first puppy they’ve probably gotten more inquiries about it than anything else. I would love, love, love to see her in white. With the rich tones of her skin it would be unbelievably gorgeous.

We’ve Got Coattails Yes We Do

Okay folks, our job here is not done. Quiet as it’s kept, a president can’t do jack in Washington without Congress. He needs as many people in his own party, AND he needs for those people to owe him. Jim Martin is in the fight of his life in a run-off against Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. Obama is sending his people down to help Martin, but we’ve got to do our part. The Republicans are breaking out their star power, including that woman (IMO, this alone is grounds for him to go down in flames. Leave that disaster in Alaska.) First, if you’re in Georgia be sure to vote in the run-off. Early voting may start as early as next week. If you’ve got money donate, even five dollars will help. (Hell you can still buy a stamp with a fiver, can’t you?) 

Obama has a huge agenda ahead of him. He needs all the support we can give him, we’ve worked hard, but we’re not on the mountaintop yet. Thank you, and Goddess Bless America.

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Getting My Michelle Obama On

I mentioned before that it was my goal in life to get my Michelle Obama on. Yep, I aspire to be Michelle O., or at least to look as good as she does. This is my fave picture of her. Look at those shoulders, those arms. You just know her inaugural ball gown is going to be hot to death. So, to that end, I’ve got some work to do.

Oh and to the person who said that Michelle O. wasn’t gorgeous? Heads up, your shackles are showing.