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Lisa G.

Given_8x12 (2)This is a re-issue, but it’s still awesome! Get your copy for the weekend! Beautiful cover by Mr. Whitney Holcomb!

As a member of Eshu, those who can shift into any animal at will, Jacob Adams is used to knowing and getting what he wants. And when he meets Mary Katherine Day as they work together on the Underground Railroad, he not only knows that she’s going to be his wife, but he expects her to accept her fate willingly. A businesswoman of independent means, Mary Katherine has no interest in marrying, which to her mind is bondage only slightly less vile than the slavery she works so hard to help others escape. Jacob embarks on a campaign to lure her into his bed by awakening her virginal body to the delights to be found there. Though she struggles against her sensual nature, Mary Katherine eventually succumbs to the irresistible…

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Simply Wicked Contest

This is one of my fave books by Lisa. Cassie, the heroine, is utterly charming. Poor Tony doesn’t stand a chance.

Lisa G.


Simply Wicked comes out on October 1st (ARe, B&N, Smashwords) but is now available for pre-order at Though this is a reissue of a book originally released in 2008, this is a big deal for me because I’ve re-written quite a bit of it. Because I’m so excited about the re-release I’m having a contest befitting such a momentous occasion!

Need to Know:

Simply Wicked comes out October 1st. Pre-orders are available now.

Grand Prize consists of a $100 amazon gift card and a free copy of my e-book, You are Mine valued at $3.99 from my Friends and Lovers Series. One winner will be selected randomly from a group that answers four questions correctly by 5 p.m. CST October 10th.

The second prize consists of a $50 amazon gift card and a free copy of You are Mine valued at $3.99. The single winner…

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Believe it Or Not I’ve Got Even More New Awesome!!!


I know. I know. I don’t have anything for months, then it all comes at once, but isn’t this the most fabulous cover EVAH!?! It was inspired by the awesome than is the cover for Sharon Cullars’s first, book, Again. And seriously, if you haven’t read that, well just damn.


What do y’all think of my sweet, honey child? It’s already up at ARe and Smashwords. It’ll be a while longer before it’s available at B&N and Amazon. But remember you can get mobi and epub files at ARe and Smashwords if you can’t wait. Jacinto, the hero is Vietnamese, for those of you who’ve been longing for more Asian heroes. ETA: Now up at Amazon! Here’s the blurb.

For those of you who enjoyed Buttercream, here’s another delicious story about the “flower children” of the Blakemore clan.

When a massive land development deal brings together high-powered dealmaker Cypher Lawrence and latter day hippie goat herder Jacinto Blakemore the last thing either expects is an explosive attraction that leaves them desperate for more. Cypher has been assigned to broker a contract with Jacinto for the sale of his farm. Despite his laid-back demeanor Jacinto has a will of iron and is determined to hold on to his land against Cypher’s corporation.

Business considerations take a back seat as they discover a love that transcends their differences, and Jacinto’s beloved moonlit prairie is just the balm Cypher’s overextended spirit needs. They fall into a serendipitous relationship, but when corporate intrigue threatens to tear them apart there might not be enough similarities and trust to sustain their love.

Why Do IR Readers Want “Mainstream” Authors to Write IR?

So there’s a thread over at Goodreads on the IR Fan board (The most misnamed group on Goodreads) where the poster laments the lack of response from readers on the Kristen Ashley board to her request that the author write a black heroine. I haven’t read Kristen Ashley before, but given that another commenter had another thread questioning whether she should stop reading the author because of the way she stereotypes black women, I think it’s a strange request.

Apparently this need to have “mainstream = white” authors writing IR books is a major issue, so I have to ask the burning question, Why? I don’t post on this particular group, or really any group on Goodreads, anymore because of this shitshow. So I thought I’d bring it to my blog.

My experience with white authors writing black characters as been mostly negative. Even some authors I really like, like Patricia Briggs, have some major issues with her non-white characters. I stopped reading SEP because of her portrayal of black people in her football series. Yet, we constantly hear lamentations from readers that they want white authors to include more POC. I understand this from white people, it makes sense that they would want white authors as that’s more to their comfort zone. I stopped fighting that battle long ago.  I find it troubling though, that apparently black readers seem to prefer it as well. We’ve all heard the tales of black authors at conventions where nobody, not even the black readers come over to have their books signed.

And even when someone on that thread commented that perhaps readers should simply support the writers who DO want to write black characters, the naysayers arose. No, they can’t let writers get away with that. They must be compelled to write POC even if they don’t want to. Even if they’ve said outright that they don’t think their readers will buy the books. Even if they say they don’t feel up to writing those characters. Am I the only one who sees the crazy in this notion? We, black authors (for the most part) have created this genre from nothing. Nourished it. Nurtured it and brought it along for more than a decade now. But somehow it will only be legitimate when white authors start writing it. Then we will have arrived. Apparently those people over at Dear Author are right, we need white authors to “save” multicultural romance.

Roslyn and the Anti-Heroine

As y’all know, I’m working feverishly on Superstar as well as a surprise novella. As Sioux’s character comes to fruition I suddenly realized something; I really LIKE anti-heroines. And I’ve written quite a few of them. I think my first one was Lola from Try a Little Tenderness. I still get hate mail from people who are angry at the way she treated poor Koss. Of course, I also get hate mail from people who don’t like Callie from Rock Star, either, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Callie an anti-heroine. Lola, ex-stripper turned virologist definitely was. Caja from Hot for Teacher is probably my next most commented on heroine. People absolutely loathe her, but I like her a lot. Then, I’ve always been contrary. Andi from Morning Star is another one who has a tendency to raise people’s ire. The very first review I got on that book was a one-star. The reviewer objected to the Biblical quote at the beginning especially given that the first sentence mentioned Harley’s fuckability. Other people objected to her having a one night stand. Interestingly enough, her mother, Minx, was and still is very popular. Isn’t that funny? 

Sioux, the character I’m working on now, is an addict in recovery. She would be Beyonce, if Beyonce went the way of Lindsay Lohan with a dash of Rihanna thrown in. I love this girl like damn and whoa, but I’m thinking y’all might not be feeling her all that much. In fact, she might go down in the Hated Heroines Hall of Hatred (sorry, had to go for the alliteration there). And, as always, I’m sure y’all will let me know about it. 

So what do you guys think? How do you feel about the anti-heroine? Or, am I off-base and these characters aren’t really anti-heroines? Hit me up. Let me know.