A Sewing Fool



Inspired by the delectable creations of Erica B. and Mimi G. I’ve been sewing a little bit here lately. I’ve known how to sew forever, but fashion sewing didn’t particularly interest me. But I bought a dress at Chico’s that cost far too much money for what it is and decided to duplicate it. Essentially it’s a long tank top. I took the dress I originally had, folded it in half and pinned it to the fabric. I didn’t even bother to make a pattern. I took in a little bit of ease in the sides, but other than that I copied it. This fabric is absolutely delicious. After Mimi set off a feeding frenzy for this fabric on her blog I discovered lowpricefabric.com. The fabric in my dress was only $5 a yard. At that price even if I totally screwed the pooch I was out of a total of $15.

I love these type of easy dresses. I like to look nice when Whit comes home, but after chasing after kids all day I don’t have time for a lot of muss and fuss. This fabric is so comfortable I can do housework in it, but still look nice at the end of the day. I was out in the yard filling the birdbath when Luke shot this picture, but with heels and a little makeup and some work on my hair I’d be ready for dinner out. These ITY knits are literally comfortable enough to sleep in, but I don’t look like an slumpadinka when Whit gets home.

I’ll probably never be all that big on fashion sewing. I’ve only got so much time and would rather spend it on quilts, but I do have a couple more projects I plan to do

Finally the Quilt is Finished!

I know it’s only taken forever, but keep in mind I’ve been raising two kids and have written five books in the interim! But isn’t it darling? The pattern is called Crossroads. I still have the first quilt I ever made and it’s from this pattern as well. I like it a lot. It’s very striking and graphic. I always make baby quilts at least twin bed sized so they can use it a long time. What do you guys think?

The deets: 100% fabric, mainly scraps, some from from 20s/30s retro prints. The only fabric I purchased is the red pindot and the backing. Warm & Natural all cotton unbleached batt. I didn’t pre-wash any of the fabric (insane, I know, especially with the red) but I LOVE the old timey look a quilt gets when it’s washed and the fabric shrinks a bit. It looks snuggly and lived in, so yeah, I take a big risk, and yes, I’ve had a MAJOR disaster, with BLUE of all colors!


Baby Quilt!!!

I can’t believe I finally finished this top. Normally I could piece a top like this in a weekend or two, but since I can’t sit for long periods these days, it took considerably longer. Whit says it’s so bright it’ll give the baby detached retinas.

Don’t have any idea when I’ll get the darned thing quilted. I want to use this fabric which is the same fabric I used for Luke’s quilt. Unfortunately, it’s $8 a yard and I need six yards of it. So it’ll be a minute. That’s okay though, because I made it twin-bed size so I won’t need it for a while.

Sentence Structure Quilt Fabric DJ3157 White


Bed Jacket

Simplicity 5778 XS, S, M

So I’ve had this pattern forever planning to make myself a bed jacket. Of course, I’ve never got around to it. I sit up late at night readingin bed and I write in bed as well. A robe is too warm, but I need something around my shoulders and a bed jacket seemed just the thing. I adore this Minkee fabric. Before Luke was born I probably made him a million blankets out of the stuff. Back then it only came in baby colors, but now they have fashion colors as well. At $15.00 a yard it’s not cheap, but I don’t think I need that much. 

Click to enlarge

Introducing Cuthbert, the Dinosaur


I realized that I hadn’t shown you guys the finished results of my first foray into making a plushie. I’m very pleased with the results, and just as I suspected he would, Luke uses him as a tackling dummy. He also smacks him with his light saber. Considering the rough usage, he’s held up amazingly well. 

I’m still not happy with the legs, and thought they would’ve come off by now, but they’re holding firm. I finally got an upholstery needle and will probably re-attach them soon. I didn’t get them done until Christmas Eve, so it was definitely a rush job. Depending on my writing schedule I want to make him a junkyard dog for Easter. 

He and his father named him Cuthbert, I suspect Whit chose that name because Luke sometimes has problems pronouncing ‘th’ sounds properly.

New Quilt

This is my latest beauty. Whit’s cousin had a new baby and I whipped this one up in about two months. I had a lot of fun with it because I challenged myself to make it entirely from my stash. Too cool. So, welcome to the world William Harrison Holcomb. May you have many days safe and warm in this quilt. And remember, it’s YOUR QUILT. Feel free to spit up or poop on it, and for the love of all things chocolate, be sure to drag it on the floor so it is perpetually covered in cat hair. To me, it’s not a baby quilt unless it eventually falls apart from being well loved.